Guess the Random Movie Quote '06

Lord Argyll: What say you, Guthrie? That Archie could not tell arse from quim?
Guthrie: I’ve heard that many Englishmen have that same difficulty…

Rob Roy

Your go.

Clyde: Let me tell you what I learned
while working on my job.

DJ: Thank you.
Clyde: There are two types of people
Those that talk the talk
and those that walk the walk.
People who walk the walk,
they sometimes talk the talk
But most of the time, they don’t
talk at all, because they walking.
Now, people who talk the talk,
when it comes time for them to walk,
You wanna know what they do?

DJ:What is that?

Clyde:They talk people like me
into walking for them.

I give up - what’s that one from?

“Hustle and Flow”

Next one:

A: It’s bloodbath. Not bathblood

B: Thank you, but I like to say it my way.

Lord of War

M: Derek, Derek?
D: What do you want?
M: Actually I’m trying to talk to Mugatu but he’s tougher to get to than the president.
D: Oh, I thought you were gonna tell me what a bad “eugoogolizer” I am.
M: A what?
D: A “eugoogolizer.” One who speaks at funerals. Or did you think that I would be too stupid to know what a “eugoogoly” was?


Eleanor: Your cat died.
Steve: Which one?
Eleanor: Marmalade.
Steve: Well how did it die?
Eleanor: A rattlesnake bit it in the neck.
Steve: God damnit, Eleanor. Couldn’t you have broken it to me a little easier than that?
Ned: What kind of cat was it?
Steve: Who gives a shit. I think it was a tabby.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

W:We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!


No, but in a similar vein. Probably only the Brits will know this one.

Withnail and I!

Damn! My next quote was going to be “What fucker said that?!”

OK, here goes:

“I come from lots of places.”

[quote=“Stray Dog”]

“I come from lots of places.”[/quote]

That’s Highlander, right? If not, I’m pretty sure that Connor Macleod does say that particular line in the movie anyway…

Yes, it is.

Your turn.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Yes, it is.

Your turn.[/quote]

12-Hour Rule… my turn!

“What a bunch of cocksuckers.”

Muriel’s Wedding?

If I was right, then my quote is:

“Shirt Rippa(ripper)!”

Right you are.

I’ll repeat. My quote is:

“Shirt Rippa(ripper)!”

Wow, no one? The answer was “Kung Pow”

How about: “Without evil there can be no good, so it must be good to evil sometimes.”

South Park I think – though they may have gotten it somewhere else