Guilty Pleasures

Meaningless recreational sex.


khong rou :smiley:

bin lang

Guilty pleasure? Sorry to say but riding the scoot drunk as a lord.

the mianbao with the weird mayo/butter/cream-like spread and the dried pork sung on top. :slight_smile:

Not for the weight, but for the breath: Stinking Tofu :stuck_out_tongue:

Not getting out of the way or averting my gaze for creepy, mafia-looking losers.

Sending 300% worse death-stares back to all the old women, staring old women down (I always win), stopping in the middle of whatever I’m doing to stare back at the old woman staring at me, and just generally stare at old women. :smiling_imp: I dunno, I just find there’s something hideously judgemental and unappealing in many of the looks I get here. Or maybe it’s just that old women don’t like me :cry:

-Dave :smiley:

It’s not just you. And yeah, I also get extreme pleasure out of staring 'em down. Especially when they don’t want to break eye contact and they crash their bicycle into someone else. Way to lose face, loser. LOL. The old men seem far less abrasive for whatever reason.

Mmm, the old men usually seem to want to use their 5 words of English to talk to me about some ridiculously complicated topic, which is quite amusing at times, and not entirely a waste of time. But yeah, the women are bad :wink:

Jay Walking! :mrgreen:

Blaring my horn for five seconds every time someone cuts in front of me while I’m driving!

Pringles chips. Can’t stop eating …

Just bought a new bike and am getting alot of thrills out of swearing (in English) at people who nearly kill me…

Mmmm… I like those little single-serving boxes of Ovaltine sold in many convenience stores in Taipei!

I like the ovaltine too, but only the chocolate.
I also like kicking everyone’s arse at the lights on my new imported scooter from Japan, which looks crap, but is like liquid shit of a teflon shovel.

I have to say the haircuts with a free massage. Never had so many haircuts in my whole life.


That head massage thing caught me off gaurd. Thought I was getting a cut and go. Turned into an hour of relaxation. I be back for another.