Guitar repair and shop services

Yeah, some material and tools would be a much better background, BUT again play with the lightning.

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You have a lamp you can use as a spotlight, make the room dark and use that.

Good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

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some examples that I think are nice

You can also try holiday theme photos.

Yea, another help TL with the business thread! :laughing:

There’s 2 very basic things he needs to do to start before he’s going to find any online sales success, including for a kickstarter (unless there’s enough people on this site who’s going to help him), which costs very little: he needs to take some decent pictures, and he needs to get some decent videos with good sound of people playing his guitars. That or he needs someone famous or with online juice to love his product.

He’s not shown any particular inclination to follow through on either on of these (pictures, videos with good sound), and every discussion just kind of ends up with him talking about why he can’t do it and people telling him he can.

So I say leave the man to his process; people constantly telling him what he should be doing probably doesn’t help. When he wants something different, he’ll let us know. ;D


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Stupid fingers… ;D help TL!

Got a Fender American strat that needed refinishing. Owner decided to goop latex wall paint all over the body because the finish was wearing off (this might have been one of those reissue strats with a lacquer finish).

I used a heat gun to get most the gunk off. If I don’t do this I’ll have to waste a truckload of sandpaper trying to sand it off (wall paint are not very sandpaper friendly). I gouged the undercoat in several places so I’ll need to get some auto body filler to fill them in. Will paint it black.


So many photos of the manufacturing process and so few of the finished product.


Finished refinishing


The finished product still needs to be presented more beautifully.


Endorsements from Mike Mclaughlin


Are you volunteering to help me with that?

No, I’m not. I couldn’t help you.

Look at your photograph. It’s clearly unattractive. Or, why do find the background attractive?

I don’t know because I am making an effort on this. If you have better suggestion perhaps you can come over and help?

The new guitar is on a dirty towel with your work materials in the picture. I suggest not taking a photo with either of those in frame. You just have to remove them and then take a photo of the guitar

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The towel is there to prevent damage to the guitar, as the workbench is even more disgusting and have dried up glue and other stuff that can scratch up a finished guitar. I don’t have money to buy purpose made display cloth, and that cloth would get dirty anyhow.

Is he famous?

Take a photo of the guitar leaning up against a clean wall.


Haven’t we already see tutorials for him on this in other threads? Plenty of people volunteered their help, IIRC