Guitar repair and shop services

To be fair that second picture (almost) works. Better lightning needed though.

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His brother is a jazz celebrity.

Jokes aside, apparently he plays guitar to crowds bigger than my audience (my neighbours): Unleashing the rocker soul - Taipei Times

Can you spare a clean wall?


I think there’s a stack of tires beside the clean wall. Remember the tire stack?

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I believe he’s a hired musician… you know ones that gets hired to play for pop acts and people like that. Very few musicians get there… and you have to be very good to be, considering guitar players are a dime a dozen. I just helped him setup a tom anderson that has one of those newer floyd rose. Gave him some advise on locking tuners (you pull the string taut, then lock it, cut it, and tune to pitch, the whole point of it is to not have windings). Mainly he only has two springs on the tremolo cavity and of course thing goes out of tune. I helped him add a third one. These tremolos are a balancing act and anytime you change anything, you have to adjust it over and over again until it stabilizes.

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I think we have a winner. Just move the stack of tyres and I think the guitar resting against a plastic Christmas tree might work.


He’s Jolin Tsai’s guitarist of choice. Pretty much the go to session guitarist in Taiwan for most rock acts. I’ve seen him play, he is very good.


He tells me that he doesn’t get that much work, says most his work is in China. Seems the music business in Taiwan is really small.


Can you make his hat with the death skulls?

Saw this and remembered this forum.

There’s a FB group about launching a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign from Taiwan

I like the customizable playing cards concept. That has real potential.

I would need a printing press to make playing cards…

Wood pens have been popular in the past. You have a lathe now, right? You could turn some Typhoon pens that can use standard refills made by other companies. You could probably make 100 pens with just one log from a lumberyard.

I just need to figure out where to get refills and hardware in commercial quantity, but I can turn wood pens out of scrap stock.

how about some tops