we are looking for a guitarist to join our band. at the moment we have guitar, bass, drums & vocals.

The ability to sing backing vocals would be a plus.

we’ve been working on this project for a few months now.
the 2nd guitarist had to leave taiwan.

the music is somewhat punky, rocks pretty hard, but not in a hard rock way, some might say “emo”, but they can get fucked…

did i just type that?

influences would include
jaw breaker, fugazi, propagandhi, mission of burma, much more

the guitarist we are looking for would contribute to song writing
and be fun to hang out with
having a critical perspective is important

PM me if you are interested



any guitarists out there?

I’d be down with that though I’m guessing that you’re in Taipei and perhaps it was Jeff that just left. I’m in Kaohsiung so…good luck!

yes, in taipei, and yes, damage