Guitars available for pre order

I downsized a lot for the move to Taiwan and my guitars didn’t make the cut because I don’t play much anymore. But good for him that you and @crusher can give testimonials, if he’s selling these at cost it would be a shame to be out that much money on blemished product that can’t sell

nice prices. Before when I check for classical guitar the price where really bad in Taiwan, I have to bring one from my country.

Stand by your product. Try and think what type of customer you would like to sell to and try and think what where, when, what and why they will be looking to purchase a new guitar.

You don’t want customers after a bargain. Don’t sell or advertise on platforms that appeal to those customers.

You want to sell to customers who understand guitars. Advertise and Sell on platforms that attract that customer.


You’re right. People certainly have a lot of money for things they want (booze, cars)


Yes, I think it’s going to be all about the networking and word of mouth. I would still try to get photos of your stuff on other platforms besides Facebook. Also, did you ever think of doing a Youtube video showing your process of making a guitar?

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I need assistance in youtube video. I’m not good at this at all.

Actually. The things you need are good video and clear audio. The editing is something that is not important. A single high quality camera and clear lapel mic are all you need.

Just don’t say too many ums and aghs.


Yea, I don’t have a high quality camera or a lapel mike. I also tend to stutter a lot… which is why I need assistance.

Ok. Write a script and practice. That’s what people do. Make the videos 3-5 minutes long.


Try to have more pics of your finished guitar on your Facebook page, this will help a lot. I found only two guitars, you should have good quality pics and videos showing off your guitars. I would be more interested in seeing the final products.
If you can get more people to give reviews can also help.

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Go into any driving range and check out the clubs the middle aged guys use.

However, in general people aren’t so free and easy with their money when the product isn’t a brand.

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Yeah it’s all brand cachet. People walk into bike shops with no cycling experience and spend NT300,000 on a carbon bike with deep carbon rim wheels, carbon sole shoes and Rapha kit. Then just ride an hour on the bike at weekends to pose at a cafe.


It’s actually been suggested to him at least once since I’ve been here:

Here’s the video near the bottom of that thread


It makes no sense because those bikes are basically specialized for certain riders (often racers), and they’re fragile as hell too.

They aren’t fragile. Expensive to fix, perhaps.


If you crash a steel bike like those youbikes they’ll survive. Crash a carbon bike and it snaps like a twig.

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No they don’t.


I’ve seen YT vids of people showing their creative process, making a shed or whatever, and they didn’t speak at all. It was just time-lapse photos or video set to music and maybe some captions underneath. I’ve never done any YT or video editing myself and wouldn’t know how to but I’m sure there are YT vids on how to make YT vids. This guy shows how to make a simple product ad which can be shown on YT and other platforms and this might be one easy way to get a feel for the process if you have some finished product to sell.

Getting back on topic…

To sweeten the deal for preorder, anyone who preorders any of these three guitars gets a hardshell case included in the price, as well as piezo pickup installed into the guitar.

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I can’t believe how much some pay. I know a guy who spent almost a million on a bike. I have no idea why it’s so special though.