Gumboot dancing

i want to start a gumboot dance club ( a south african dance) in taipei…is there already one? we could meet sunday afternoons in Daan Park…it would be fun!!

Cool, I will definitely come. Are you a new arrival? Should I start collecting coke doppies? Haha

Wow, cool!
I haven’t heard of a gumboots club here, but it would be absolutely divine. Are you an experience gumboot dancer? :slight_smile:
It would be nice to put some method and rhythm into my ritual jumping-up-and-down-while-listening-to-Mandoza-Trompies-and-Theuns Jordaan sessions.

i forgot to add something about myself! im actually canaidan and have never been to south africa!but i learned in canada from a guy from namibia and performed alot at fundraisers, cafes, and then i taught gumboot and ran the club at my university!then i performed for Nelson Mandela’s grandson (and he shook my hand and said i was good!) and African Childrens Choir.
But in other news, im not that good, but i love it and its so fun and everyone can learn some moves to impress your friends…lets jump around and stomp

So when do we start Oh Great Gumboot Goddess? (or is that God?) Have you ever tried combining your love for gumbooting and punk? You could be onto something there… :slight_smile:

so we will meet at 1 on sunday afternoon at the corner of Jianguo and Heping, the entrance to Daan Park, that is across from starbucks. happy gumbooting!

and yes lets try to mix punk and gumboot…they go better together than you may think baby!

Dont forget, gumboot this week will be Sunday, 5pm, at the corner of Daan Park at Heping and Jianguo Rd…and guess what! we have an air conditioned room to practice in!YAY!!cant wait to see you all

If it weren’t for your gumboots, where would you be?

Do they really dance to this song?

oh hahahaha i see
well if you want to come teach us that song feel free, but you sure wont be in the traditionaly gumboot style!theres a band from northern canada called the gumboots too…
but we do it african style…baby

are they anything like this lot? the Swamp Stomp?

Their “kicking the farmbike into gear” step is pretty funny…

I reckon i’d be into it.