Gun license? (alt-history)

According to this website (don’t be misled by the “alternate history” moniker), Taiwanese citizens can apply for a 步枪授权卡 (Rifle Authorization Card) enabling them to own rifles and a 手许可证 (Hand License) for hand guns. Can foreigners obtain these?

Answer: They are strictly controlled. Ordinary citizens cannot legally possess a firearm, and certainly not foreigners. The alternate history article really is alternative history.

Alternate History (sometimes abbreviated AH ) is the most frequently used term for the fictional genre which often presupposes a change of a minor historical event that produces an incredible series of changes in the world, diverging it from Our Timeline (OTL) and creating a new, alternate and parallel world. Other terms used include alternative history , allohistory and uchronie .


This is not true. It’s a fake.

My wife’s family has a couple of tiny rifle things, and as far as I know they’re legal - but only for one specific purposes (hunting). They’ve tried to get me in on the action but something tells me I wouldn’t be covered by the same law they are.

I say “tiny rifle” because I don’t know what you’d call that specific type of gun. It looks like a hunting rifle but it’s only about 2 feet long.