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ok I know this has nothing to go with Taiwan but the gun situation in the USA is getting kind of intense now. gun shops are literally empty. Certain types of ammo are just gone from the supply system. The people buying guns are different too. i saw a mom with a teenage son rush into a gun shop and practically beg the owner to sell her 1000 rounds of 9mm. she paid $450. I generally pay $160 with free shipping. That was his last case and that was two weeks ago. I dont think anything is going to happen but isn’t it surprising that as well armed as people are getting there isn’t more gun violence. I mean we still have the same street crime in certain big cities but gun ownership has gone way up here and there doesn’t seem to an increase in shootings.

Did she look like this by any chance?


Maybe they’re preparing for next year’s MotherBoy talent show and this is their schtick?

They are stocking up for Election night.

I’ve been a strong and vocal proponent of increased gun legislation and education in the US for most of my adult life, but if I lived in a city where there were riots, looting, or beatings, I’d have gone out and bought a gun.

I saw a headline last week. Most of the recent surge has been new gun owners.
Mobs, looting, riots and increased killings have had an effect.

There are (maybe) two positive outcomes from the continued protest violence.

One, the 2nd Amendment likely hasn’t enjoyed this level of popular support since the Elmer Fudds ran the NRA in 1976 (I think 2A is safer than ever).

Two, the violence as wielded by the American left since Memorial Day has resulted in a withering circular firing squad damaging BLM, antifa, and the electoral chances of the Democrat party in 2020.

But yeah, I would do my best to buy a shotgun asap (probably the most likely to be in stock).

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and buy lead shot

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