Gut Microbiome

Right. I’ve learned you can’t just use miso paste in hot water. But still takes some practice working with a few other ingredients and how you prepare the broth before adding the paste.

It wasn’t that difficult tbh, aside from my trauma of having to taste cabbage. I think for general lactic acid bacteria fermentation you want a salt concentration in the brine on the order of 2% w/v (you should check — that’s just from memory), but it’s not really possible to measure that in the case of home-made kimchi so you just have to wing it.

I assume you already eat kimchi and know how salty the cabbage should taste, so you probably want it a bit saltier than that after washing (because the salt will be diluted by the unsalted ingredients added subsequently).

As long as you have a decent salt concentration, all the ingredients are submerged, and everything is clean, lactic acid bacteria fermentation is quite difficult to mess up I think. It should be pretty obvious if something else is growing in there, and kimchi only really needs a few days anyway.

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If you use a huge gob of miso, like enough miso that you don’t have to add anymore salt or any other flavoring to it, it could make a passable miso soup, but it would be a gigantic waste of miso.

I don’t make miso soup often because you need to buy several ingredients to make it work, otherwise you’re just wasting them. By themselves (the dashi, seaweed, etc.) tastes like crap, but combined you make miso soup.

Fresh chopped green onion makes it really pop. It must be added to the soup right before drinking it. Cooked green onion tastes like crap.

This is actually something that you’re better off having at a decent japanese restaurant, because they’ll do it just right, and better than I can even hope to do it.

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I highly recommend trying Doenjang Jjigae which is made of fermented soybean paste (Korean versions are widely available in Taiwan now). It’s just a better, heartier soup/stew than miso soup. It’s not too hard to make. Lots of recipes are available.


I drink every now and then. When I do, I load up on natural probiotucs the following day.

Thanks. I’ve read and watched more and think I’m ready to give it a try today.
That 3rd video you posted really looks good and not overly complicated. Great looking kimchi also.

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I’ve had my eye on a tub of that. I’ll have to try this jigae in the future.

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There’s also an oral biome. Mouthwash apparently leads to high blood pressure, as you are killing your oral biome every time you rinse with mouthwash.

Humans live in symbiosis with a billion things. Let’s not start on the creatures that live in our facial pores and spend the nights fucking while we sleep. I mean, technically part of me is getting laid on a regular basis.

There’s actually more bacteria in the human body than human cells it seems.

It’s way more. This study says 10:1.

Edit: Oops, didn’t bother reading it before posting, my bad. :face_with_peeking_eye: I’ve read stuff before giving ratios like that, but that paper actually says the numbers are comparable:

We estimate the total number of bacteria in the 70 kg “reference man” to be 3.8·1013. For human cells, we identify the dominant role of the hematopoietic lineage to the total count (≈90%) and revise past estimates to 3.0·1013 human cells. Our analysis also updates the widely-cited 10:1 ratio, showing that the number of bacteria in the body is actually of the same order as the number of human cells, and their total mass is about 0.2 kg.

And skin biome, and ear biome, and everywhere else. Interesting how the connection with blood pressure might work though. I’d never heard of that.

If a person bites you enough to draw blood, you actually need immediate medical attention. There’s so much bacteria in your mouth that it can cause serious infections.

Not to mention having to answer some really uncomfortable questions as to why someone would bite you.

Bit of an exaggeration (“need immediate”), but yeah.