Guy Fawkes night

As part of our endeavours to home-school and entertain, we’ll be holding a Bonfire Night this year. I’d like to insert any traditions that I’ve missed out, but all I remember from childhood is a bonfire and fireworks.

We’ll be making a guy.

There may be the odd chant:
Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Does anyone have owt to add here?

(wow - a fuller version here, hang the Pope, and other incitements to religous violence)

Are you planning to burn the Guy?

Don’t forget toffee apples. They’re fab.

is there any need ? i mean its quite a novelty to have a fire in england. but it taiwan you can see people burning stuff in the street or neighbors burning their trash every day.

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ah, is there any need to do anything? It’s just to complement home schooling, and it’s a stand in for our camp-fire.

toffee apples, nice idea and not made them before. Any must-dos in the recipe? will find online.

yeah, the Guy burns at 8 on the 8th
(most folk can’t make the 5th…)

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I’ve never made toffee apples. I remember my mum dipping apples into melted sugar and them baking them in the oven.

If you want some serious religious violence you could hang, draw, and quarter the Guy before burning it.

EDIT: no oven was involved. You’d best check online for a recipe.

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Could fill a balloon with acetylene and oxygen… it’s quite loud and better do it from a very safe distance.

It’s not particularly traditional, is it.

And, are you sure it’s legal?


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She didn’t use butter or brown sugar, cinnamon?

I can’t remember. They tasted nice.

That’s probably the cinnamon!

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did they have acetylene in the 17th century?

somebody today mentioned they used to have ‘black peas’ (they were up north).

back peas with a touch of vinegar

also don’t forget treacle toffee

Jacket potatoes cooked on the embers later in the evening.
Cook them first and wrap them in cooking foil, just finish them off on the fire to get that smokey flavour.

find some sparklers for the kids

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Huh - never ever heard of black peas, and both parents hailed from Lancashire.
Seems toffee in some form is required. Keep kids busy and sticky.

I’m sure they had limelight. It’s basically a lamp used back in the day as flashlights for mines. It works by mixing calcium carbide with water, which produces acetylene,

Yep, that was a major cause of the Tianjin explosion.

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They stopped using them because they can ignite coal dust or methane…

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Get the kids to push the guy around the community in an old push chair asking “penny for the guy” money used to buy fireworks. Here ask for 10NT and buy loud firecrackers. Guy Fawkes face mask should be a topical politician of the day (Korean Fish, Trump, Boris J etc).

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Well it’s an English holiday but if it was done in the US I’m sure it would be the biggest dam bonfire the world had ever seen. The mother of all bonfire