Guy Fawkes night

I think there’d be both jailtime and youth detention for burning Korean Fish.


George Washington asked his men not to celebrate it when they were marching on Quebec because of the anti-Catholic symbolism and he didn’t want to upset the French-Canadians; legend has it (wrongly) that’s why Halloween became more popular. It’s more that most Americans thought blowing up Parliament was a good idea.

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Then (without wishing to drag Hallowe’en into this), why did it become more popular?

Also serving:
roast chestnuts

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Dunno, never thought about it. What I find on Google was that it wasn’t popular in America until the influx of Catholics, especially Irish, starting in the mid-19th C. - who probably weren’t into burning Guy!

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now that Hallowe’en is out of the way, we can focus on this properly :slight_smile:
any other foods or traditions out there for Bonfire Night?

My grandmother wad always make fresh Parkin and Flapjacks.

Controversially, as kids we would always blacken our faces with soot / paint this was not about race, it was about stealth as we would run raids on the other kids wood supplies. and there was always a local rivalry about who got the biggest fire.

Talking of black face traditions, some of the organised events had Morris men, dancing around the embers at the end. The local coal mine always had a big event and all free to the community, until maggie closed it down :imp:


Cos Guy Fawkes is a sectarian celebration that is a complete ripoff of Irish/Celtic Halloween traditions , Halloween being a Celtic celebration of Death and Rebirth.
We call it Samhain. Oiche Samhna and it was the most important festival of the entire year. Even now it’s a very wild night where you’ll see hundreds of illegal bonfires lit up all over Dublin.

Halloween is more popular in America because it was brought over by Irish emigrants en masse in the 19th century I guess.

OK get back to your regular programming .:sunglasses:

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Guy in progress :soon: IMG_8943


was it also about being forced to do child labour chimney sweeping?

No i think it was more symbolic of the plotters trying to escape, but the blacking of faces and dancing around the fire in autumn dates back to the Druids and probably pre dates them.

As a foreigner you will probably get reported for illegal burning perhaps put it in one of those red metal buckets and on the sidewalk before you set it on fire and you’ll be fine. :rofl:

And burning kids in wicker baskets.

From what I remember the celts burned their kings, as a sacrifice as it was his responsibility to sort things out.

I think the burning of kids came along with other Christian myths, the Viking’s would sacrifice slaves who they treated as livestock that may have included children.

I’m not 100% on this without googling, I may be old but I’m not that old :grinning:

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Apparently in Ireland pre Roman times it was used to sacrifice humans. A Roman historian wrote something of that nature. Maybe exaggerated but you never know kids can be annoying , ever been to Hess ?:rofl:

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I can’t believe they killed a giant just to use his head.

I always thought the wicker man was a contemporary thing, again i would have to google.

No point burning kids, not much fuel on them. Need to burn fat people like me :wink:

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Mostly pulled it off. Toffee apples look way better than they are though.

Now, gotta go burn stuff :slight_smile:

Parched peas
Toffee apples
Treacle toffee

IMG_8973 IMG_8975

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Wow, those toffee apples are a hot mess! :grin:

If they have a gay pride in the UK do they call it Gay Fawkes night?

Work in progress, I know. Keep practising.