Guy with a van

Because I like mountainbiking from point A to point B downhill, but not so much from point B to point A uphill, I’m looking for a taxidriver or someone else with a van who is able to drive me + some mates including bikes around every once a while.
Preferably English speaking so it will be easier to explain the places where we need to be dropped off / picked up.
For example, pickup in Taipei and drop off in Pinglin in the morning, then in the afternoon pickup in Wulai and drive back to Taipei.
Any ideas how to find someone who’s able to do this, for the right price offcourse?

I might do it…for the right price of course…hehe
I’m picking up a T4 next week.

What would be a suitable price for the ride I mentioned?
Pickup in Taipei/Beitou --> dropoff near Pinglin (1.5 hrs drive) in the morning
Pickup in Wulai --> dropoff in Taipei/Beitou (1.5 hrs drive) in the afternoon

Including the driver’s return to Taipei in between he would be riding around for 5~6 hrs. Any price in mind?

Maybe I already need it this coming weekend, so any other people out there who could do it, please let me know.