Guzheng Performers?

are there any famous guzheng performers I can search for by name who might perform in Taipei from time to time?

well actually I guess more accurately, any idea how to find performances on this instrument, google isn’t working out for me.

There are certain to be performances from time to time in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial and the National Concert Hall (though not in the main auditoriums). But you’ve probably already looked there.

You might try contacting Lín Gēnghuà of the Míngxīn [gǔ]zhēng yuètuán.
tel. (03)332-9877
e-mail: linchinko --at--

I think I checked the national concert hall, if the Chang Kai Shek (sp I know) website presents results for that venue, right? The Sun Yat-sen website completely eludes, me, however. I see in the FAQ section that indeed they do host performances there, and that supposedly the website is a good place to find out about them, but there doesn’t appear to be any option anywhere on the page with any mention of performances? I tried google translate on the Chinese version with equal lack of success…

The National Concert Hall (which is part of the CKS Memorial Hall area but isn’t the same thing) has a guzheng concert on September 22 at 7:30 p.m. (English)

Tickets are NT$300 and NT$400.

Oh awesome! Thanks a lot. How did you figure that out, for future reference?

I just checked the schedule for the National Concert Hall.