GW Bush wipes hand on Clinton after shaking hands in Haiti

Funny clip. Who knows what exactly happened!

Suggestive as it looks, I doubt it’s because Bush thinks Haitians are icky. Perhaps the guy had gloop on his hand. Perhaps he was giving Clinton a buddy-buddy slap. I’ve heard tell Bush is a germophobe, but why would he think Clinton’s shirt is any cleaner??

I think it was just a little pat on the back.

I think he was just wiping the blood off his hands.

Nice one.

The handwipe probably wasn’t racism because George Bumpkin was shaking hands with other Haitians. But it sure as hell is typical of his low class and lack of respect for other people.

George Bumpkin, cleaning his glasses on a woman’s sweater without her permission:

George Bumpkin, picking his nose at a baseball game:

It didn’t look lioke a buddy-buddy slap. It looked like he was wiping his hand on someone else’s shirt. If he’s a germaphobe, why bother shaking hands at all? He wasn’t in a receiving line. Just waving from a distance would have been good enough.
I also think the guy whose hand he shook probably had something goopy on his hands, but it is pretty rude to so obviously wipe it off, and on someone else!

:laughing: The spell-checker underlined ‘germaphobe’, and suggested ‘hermaphrodite’!

Probably the person who edited the clip just as Clinton was turning…

Suggestive as it looks[/quote],
“Suggestive” as what? It looks like something a person would do to someone he feels comfortable with…you know…friends? Clinton and GHW Bush are on very good terms, and GW and Clinton were in Haiti doing good, no? It’s not like they hate each other.

I doubt it’s because Bush thinks Haitians are icky.[/quote]
Then why suggest it?

Perhaps the guy had gloop on his hand.[/quote]
That appeared obvious.

[quote]Analogue_kid wrote:
The handwipe probably wasn’t racism[/quote]

[quote]But it sure as hell is typical of his low class and lack of respect for other people[/quote].
Why was he in Haiti again? Oh yes…doing what he could to help people totally devastated by an earthquake.

Bush and Clinton should both be commended for helping, not mocked. :no-no:

Then why suggest it?[/quote]
Because plenty of people out there have suggested it. I believe them to be mistaken.

Agreed. They have my fullest respect in this relief effort.

The video is still funny, though.

Maybe he was just getting touchy-feely.