Gym: How much do you pay?

Wanna get a little survey together about the membership costs of any Gym as I might want to join and would like to have some idea of how much people pay.

So how much do you pay for your Gym?


Alexander’s has only one deal for foreigners: 32,000 per year.

California is more flexible. My first two years at California were 32, 000. After that, I paid 30,000 for a three year renewal. This is with a platinum card which means I can go to any California gym in the world. They’ve just opened California gyms in Taichung or Kaohsiung, I think.

Now if only I could get my asss to the gym…

I know you’re asking the Taipei guys for info, but I feel a little left out here in Hsinchu! Maybe we could do a cross-city survey.

Here in Hsinchu gym memberships, if you could call some of’em gyms, range between 12,000 - 50,000 dollars per year. Gym in the Ambassodor Hotel, last time I checked, annual memberships only - NT 50,000. Not really a gym, more like a glorified TV room, but a great full-sized swimming pool; [b]Green Health Club[/b] , where I'm a member - NT 12,000 per year, or 2-month memberships at NT $3,000 per shot. The best in Hsinchu…I think? Almost like the gyms back home: weights section, treadmills, aerobics section with classes twice a day, sauna, steamroom. No swimming pool though, but not bad at 12,000 a year!

I heard the other day that a new gym will open soon in the Wind Dance Mall here in Hsinchu - California Fitness or some other big name like that.

Any input from the Hisnchu guys?

me and my wife wound up squeezing 4 years for about 75,000 out of the hollywood in tienmu… which is apparantly being taken over by california.

You should do a search for Gym memberships!

my wife and I paid nearly $4000 per month for California, only to find out others were paying a fraction of that.

I was QUITE shocked by their tactics. And when I did negotiate, all I got was the cold shoulder and a ‘we can’t do that’.

California are just ruthless and unfair and discriminatory. As I suspect other gyms may be, too.

Buyer BEWARE! if you pay for gym membership, do your research first!


I guess I’d choose a gym mostly because of it’s location: The most convenient I’ve seen advertised so far would have been one on the corner of Sinyi and Guangfu, but looks kind of crapy to be honest. Next in terms of convenience would be Gold Gym on Da’an Station, but it’s supposed to be more expensive than others. Therefore this thread.

Cheapest would be to go to the swiming pool next door for 40NT every time. I’m gonna check it out this evening…

yeah you can’t go into these places cold. we enquired a bunch of people the deal they had gotten first.

read an interesting article recently, this entire approach to marketing exercise was started by an american guy, in hong kong at first i believe.

California is, indeed, extremely rude and pushy when it comes to sales, and their prices are individualized (and all across the board depending on what they determine you can afford).

I paid 45,000 for 3 years (no monthly fee or any additional costs) at Alexander. They have different deals at different times. Definitely ask for a discount.

don’t ask, moan and groan and walk out the door until you get the deal you want. there are a lot of gyms and they want the sale.

[quote=“Sinister Tiddlywinks”]This is with a platinum card which means I can go to any California gym in the world. They’ve just opened California gyms in Taichung (Taizhong) or Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), I think.

That’s what I used to think–until I read the fine print that says you can only go to a gym for a month, then you have to pay (at a reduced rate).

I also noticed they’ve gotten rid of any logos for 24 Hour Fitness, so I wonder if they even are connected to them anymore and if they’re promise of using other 24 Fitness Gyms around the world is good anymore.

P.S. A friend of mine just got a great geal on a platinum membership via Taiwan’s eBay.

It’s $1000 a month in Ilan and you pay monthly.

Alexander 32,0000! that is fuckin crazy!
My membership was free and I pay 50, that’s right boys and girls 50 nt per visit.
I am going to the Beitou sports centre, it has pool, squash, track, weights, aerobics, climbing wall etc…
5 floors of gym stuff to play with.
Fuck Alexander and fuck California.

[quote=“why does it hurt when I p”]I am going to the Beitou sports centre, it has pool, squash, track, weights, aerobics, climbing wall etc…
5 floors of gym stuff to play with.[/quote]

Hi, where is this place? Is it the centre over near the Shihpai incinerator?


not quite. at shipai park. from the shipai train station, cross shipai road, turn left and walk past the schools. at the first light (7-11 on corner) turn right, this is zhiyuan 2nd rd. keep walking past school, about the fifth or sixth alley across the street from the school leads into the park, if you look in all the alleys across from the school you can’t miss it.

I’m not a gym goer but a friend introduced me to - zhong shan sports centre- zhong shan north road section 2, Alley 44. No 2. Tel 2581 1060. 5 mins walk from Shuang lien MRT (Danshui line).

He paid $NT50 per session about 3 months ago. Unfortunately he has left now. He was pretty impressed with the place in terms of cleanliness and equipment. I’m regually at the pool there $NT110 (with locker). Very surprised to see just how much some people pay :noway:

Hope this helps, L :smiley:

Yikes, that’s steep. My membership expired a while back, but they were charging me NT$2,000 per month and I felt I was being gouged. They were pricks too, refusing to give me a discount when I renewed or allowing me to suspend my membership temporarily. I liked Alexander, but didn’t feel I was getting my money’s worth, which is why I now ride a bike instead (one time fee of NT$3,000, that’s it).

But that Beitou place sounds great. I wish there were something like that in my neighborhood.

I’m signing up at a gym today. I’m not sure what the name of the place is, but it’s on the 9th floor of the Sogo in Yong He. Membership is 12,000NT/year or 3,000/month and it has:

A swimming pool (that’s what I want)
weights, treadmills, bikes, etc.
computers with Internet
a couple lounge areas (inside and out)
Free yoga, pilates, break dancing, etc. lessons
a pool table
some other stuff too, I can’t remember

Seems like a good deal to me since it’s so close to the house.

Does anyone know if Shida Uni has a public gym/swimming pool?

If so how much?

Nice one!!

I’ve just edited this post or should I have started a new one?
I’d like to know how much you pay for your Gold Gym membership. I might join and would like to get some idea on how much other people pay to be able to negotiate with them.


Hi guys,
I just went to California, the one in front of Taipei American School in Tian Mu, and they offered me 24,999 NT / person / 2 years. So that works out to 1041 NT / month. That was the couples rate. So you and your sweetie both get the same deal, but you both have to join. You can only use this membership at one location and I choose the one right at Taipei Main Station.
The only problem is: you have to pay it all up front. :s
I still haven’t decided whether that is a good deal or not. :ponder:
The Tien Mu location has nice facilities, free yoga and pilates classes, weight room, small pool, clean locker rooms and, the best is the women’s only fitness room, albeit small. I’ll have to check out the facilities at Taipei Main Station.