H&*y cow batman! great nostalgia site!

you guys gotta see this especially if you’re over 30!!! all your favorite TV songs plus a WHOLE FREAKING SECTION ON CARTOON THEMES!!! i rocked out this morning with the jeffersons, sanford and son, and johnny quest!!!


Hey,exclamation marks don’t grow on trees, you know. Somebody has to pay for all this stuff. If you want to toss them around like they’re going out of style, then you can get a part-time job after school to help pay for them. :fatchance:

None of [color=red]my[/color] favourite TV shows there. What about Thunderbirds, Dangermouse, Blake’s Seven or Tiswas? Got the cultural blinkers on again?

Also, capital letters go at the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns. Like this. No need to use them for entire words. It’s all part of a subject called punctuation. Do you teach that at your school?

fugheduboudit!! and i can afford the exclamation marks!! here take one!


Is there any particular reason “Holy” got censored (voluntarily, I assume)?

it’s not part of my vocabulary to take the name of the Almighty and use it for an exclamamtion (Holy is His name). however, since Robin’s line used this, what could i do? so i took out letters.

Holy is not His name, it’s an adjective describing Him.

so, why risk it? and to say a cow is holy…