H1N1 in Taiwan

I plan on visiting Taiwan late July, but what the H1N1 situation is like in Taiwan right now. I’ve heard that they’re quarantining everyone and anyone who enters the island. Is it really that serious, or was that just an isolated case that I heard of?

You heard wrong. Do you have ANY idea how many people enter Taiwan every day?
Like most other places, you’ll pass a temperature scanner as you pass though immigration. If you’re running a fever they’ll stop and double-check you. If you STILL register a fever, you’ll get quarantined.
If its later discovered that you shared a flight with a flu carrier, they’ll try to track you down and screen you.

And only 3 rows up and 3 rows down.Not the whole plane!

Your temperature will be scanned, and you need to fill out a form. If you are coughing, sniffling, or have been in contact with someone with suspicious symptoms, this is the time to fess up. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself served nutricious soups in an sterile container through a small window, while the pretty nurse, who looks more like a tamale all wrapped up, sprays all surfaces with dessinfectant…

Not a funny way to pass your vacation, but better safe than underground.