Haas avocados on the street

Just a heads up for anyone who likes guacamole and such. The lady I often buy veggies off on the street at Bitan had beautiful haas avocados the other day. They’re some kind of hybrid strain I haven’t seen before. From the land of the godless Yanqui scum, they’re smallish, but the pit is tiny – like the size of a hazelnut, so there’s actually a lot of creamy pale green meat inside. If you see them, snap them up.

Thank you for the alert, I’ll keep an eye out on my neighborhood market.

Mmm, guacamole, mmm.

I also have had these before. I find them in Banciao, not at the Banciao Night Market, but in another street market that is more of a combination Wet Market, on Jhongshan Rd between Banchoi Atation area and Kuang Fu Bridge. I am not sure why they only get sold occasionally but it seems I can only find them about once a month. I only vegy shop once a week. Now, I try to overstock, knowing that they probably won’t be there next week.

can you make good guac with Asian avocados, from my experience their texture is far less creamy then the American ones (gator apples) and the guacamole is much chunkier and less appetizing. perhaps extra tomatoes and cilantro might sure them up?

Not really, the flavor is always off, but for me, even the Haas won’t make it, so…