Had an accident? Going to have one? Look here first

What insurance do you have on your scooter? Just the basic?

It all depends on what you and her want.

I hit a scooter 10 years back.

She didn’t have injuries but asked for 80k. I was like where are your medical bills?

She didn’t have any, she didn’t see a doctor, didn’t have time off work or anything.

I then asked her about paying for the damage to my car. She didn’t have insurance and didn’t want to pay.

In the end, she got 30k and then paid us 10k for our damage. We paid it because she was a pain in the arse. Well our insurance did. The insurance guy was there and he was willing to sign off on the 80k but she pissed me off so I wouldn’t.

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Ideally I would like her to be penalized in some meaningful way so that she’ll think about driving better in the future.
Realistically I would expect something more than just covering the repairs to make up for the time she has wasted out of my life talking to the police, getting the repairs, and now with this meeting.


What meeting? Why is there a meeting? Who was at fault? Were you overtaking a car on the left illegally? She is an old lady and I would count my blessings and leave it. Stay out of trouble.

Why should he count his blessings if she hit him in a car?


As I said in my first post, I was going straight. She was turning left (from the opposite direction - this may have been unclear in the post). She turned too quickly, as drivers are wont to do here, and hit me. She was completely in the wrong and the police said so.

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Good luck. Take a trusted Taiwanese friend with you. Don’t take any shit from her “lawyers”.


Its the standard procedure, 1 or 2 mediation sessions before it goes to Court. It’s run by the Government with legal expert, has the legal authority to close a case if both parties agree, and is there to save courts from overload.
You don’t have the obligation to go, but it’s not a good mark on your file if the case should go to court.
Get your case clear, have receipts for hospital, transport, and repairs, or an estimate of what still needs to be done.
As said, it’s mediation, you will need to find each other based upon your (estimated) responsibility.
It’s a bit of flee-market, go in high, then play the game.
Unless you settle, u have ~1/2 yr from ur accident, in which you have to make a decision to go to court (1/2 year = basically 2 mediation sessions).
If you settle, the settlement bureau will legally close the case, and you will get related paperwork with all chops afterwards.

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The law is very clear on this, it is up to the juridical system to fine her if she made mistakes, all you can fight for is your own expenses.

Do you have a suggestion for an amount to start with for my time and such? Not sure what’s an appropriate ballpark for the “go in high” idea.

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You can PM me if you want.

Why not sure here so all can make good use of this info?

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