HaHaHa America

Post this video link for others to contemplate… Featured in 2006 Sundance Film Festival by JD Ligon about China and America. Sure to be loved by red trolls everywhere (CCP/KMT/~GOP!) and anyone not from the states.

HaHaHa America


No comment for now, watch and make your own opinion. BTW, the bad Engrish is suppose to be that way.

Thanks for the link, 4nr - according to www.metafilter.com:

“Just FYI, the filmmaker is not chinese. He’s a caucasian American with an MFA from Brown.”

If this is correct:
Before things go off the rails here, please remember that it’s a brilliant (althought not unprecented) piece of psuedo-agitation. If anything is to be gained (other than the fact that it’s bloody hilarious in parts) is that it’s an interesting and discussion worthy piece of work from a westerner.

That is very cool. Very well done. Thanks for the link!!

I had a good laugh. And there were also a few bits of info there that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the link.

Tainan Cowboy posted it weeks ago.

Makes you wonder.

I got to watch about 2.4 seconds, then had to wait about 8.5 seconds to watch the next 2.4 seconds and so on. Very painful. I quit halfway through. I’m on ADSL – what can I do to buffer the whole thing in the background (while doing sth else) and then just come back to watch it in its smooth entirety?

Same here DB. Barely watchable.


Ya, it took me time as well but worth the wait.


The only reason why it’s so inciting happens to be because it holds water.

Ooh, I just tried hitting pause and waiting a very very long time before hitting play again, and that seems to build up the buffer. Try it.

I love this video. It pisses off my Taiwanese friends to no end but they can’t come up with a suitible answer except “Ya China is strong…booo China”. My Western friends have a laugh albeit a nervous one stating “What’s a rounding error?” or “Wow, I didn’t know that”.

The video is excellent. It belongs in the IP forum for discussion. Is it?

Yeah, “rounding error” was the best line in the whole film.
It’s a great film because it makes everybody slightly uncomfortable.
For example, it should make Chinese uncomfortable and more self-aware because in recent years, the youths among them do rant and boast a lot, and that’s not healthy.

I thought it was boring as hell.

I believe boasting in most cases are signs of insecurity.

The message I recieved was that the Chinese are more interested in their internal affairs and not with what the rest of the world thinks of them. “Old women aren’t gossiping (compared to western women,watching TV while eating at Wendy’s), they’re doing business” was excellent. Ah the whole things should be an eye opener yet too many of us back home think China isn’t a threat and that they couldn’t possibly be #1.

Fragrant Monkey Tail = hahahahahahahahahahaha.

The simplest of facts are enough to make you say hmmm. The Population factors (even their inability to state the true number, great tactic) is an excellent comparrison. Economy rising because the West is lazy. No robots to make the products, no need…they have man power willing to do the work. The West buying more than they sell…another. On and on…Loved the video.

Did it have to go on forever, though? It could have made the same point as effectively in 2 or 3 minutes, what it took almost 10 minutes to drone on and on and on and on…

Yeah, I had to stop watching it. Maybe it would have been more entertaining if I wasn’t American (I doubt it though.)

[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]Tainan Cowboy posted it weeks ago.[/quote]Dear Comrade -
I must have posted this in the “Temporary Thread” postings. I cannot find it in the “Search” functions.

Yeah, I had to stop watching it. Maybe it would have been more entertaining if I wasn’t American (I doubt it though.)[/quote]

I didn’t take it as a U.S of A type thing. I took it as The West as a whole.

I thought it was a funky way of representing our fundamental flaws. I find it funny that you and others don’t see the message quite so clearly. Especially if the writer/director and producers were American.

Panic? No. Open your eyes and learn? Yep.

That ‘Rounding Error’ (pathetic mathematical errors while dealing) comment and the fact that the Chinese aren’t exactly openning their doors for us as Westerners is abit of a knockout. Yet we funnel in Chinese at such a rate only for them to return to China/Asia and apply their knowledge.

I guess the other thing is that it wasn’t very eye opening for me. I’ve already read a lot about what the message was sending. I was funny for a little while but it seemed really long.