Hair loss - AHHHHHHHH!

male pattern baldness is now attributed to elevated levels of testerone. how does one lower testerone levels? keep on the love train, i guess.

folk wisdom back home used to say that if you wanna know if you are gonna go bald to look at the hair of your mom’s father. people always used to believe that baldness was from the mom’s side of the family. i don’t know if the field of genetics has affirmed or nixed this.

one thing i have learned here is that hair is more prone to breakage when it is wet… back when there was a full set of hair on my head i used to whip a towel through it, comb it and go. nowm, that they are thinning out i am much more careful. i let em dry and then comb. anything that saves the ones i have left from breaking off.

yeah, they like youngish looks, but “esteemed” is also good. the guy who runs that EZ english in taoyuan went cueball and now just dresses like a lawyer. quite impressive.

Propecia works pretty well, but its costs a lot of money. Furthermore, depending on the scale of your baldness the results can be negligable. However, it does increase the limbido - big time :laughing:

the main thing is for men to stop fretting about hair loss and fuck this fucking culture that says hair loss is negative. bullshit. hair loss is just normal life nature happening event. it is NOTHING to be ashamed of, and nothing to cover up either. We live in such a bullshit celebrity HAIR culture that any man who starts losing his hair goes bersek worrying. STOP. Support the men in your life who is going bald or who are bald, be it your brother, your father your uncle your room mate your lover your boyfriend or even YOU, and just BE yourself, hair or no hair.

I agree, that wig guy on ICRt looks ridiculous and he is a living poster child on why not to wear a wig. EVERYONE can see it.

It’s easy to say BALD IS BEAUTIFUL it you are Bruce Willis or Jean Paul Sartre or Yul Brynner, but most men still suck up to the medical wig toupe bullshit. STOP, guys. Accept who you are. Stick it to this fucking HAIR culture and let’s create a real HUMAN culture of diversity.

It’s pure vanity. stop being so vain. just look in the mirror and kiss yourself hello.

there are no ugly men, there are no ugly women. Period.

believe me.


I like hair and my face shape needs hair. I want hair just like I don’t want to be a big fat git sitting around on a sofa all day eating cookies and sucking down slurpies.

No thanks, I don’t want to be bald. Respect to those who are, hi Dad, but I am not going to go down that road. Sure, go bald, great for business in a small town, like aged before my time. NO FRICKIN’ way.

I have the body of a teenager, so I won’t compare to Bruce Willis or any of the other baldies who actually have a body to fall back on. I am small and slim and baldness wouldn’t go down well at all.

Vanity, maybe, but who gives a shite, really. If you like hair do anything to keep it, if you don’t care then whatever will be will be. I for one will go down fighting.

BTW, Pregaine shampoo does make it look like you have more hair, but it has made my hair less manageable. Greif, I sound like a hairdresser.

There is definitely discrimination against us baldies. I have noticed a big difference between when I have hair and when I don’t. It’s much easier to get a job. Ladies talk to you more often. Even with a bad rug. It’s first impressions that count a lot of times and most people don’t look that close.

[quote=“Kenny McCormick”]when I first got here and it was rainy season, strangers would look at me oddly because i didnt protect my hair from the rain. Huh?

they said it’s acid rain here and will contribute to hair loss?

Is this for real? (not that I’m worried, I get too much hair from my mother’s side. grows like a wild bush.)[/quote]
lol yeah Kenny, it’s ture… even the little kid in Tw knows :laughing:
but if it rains for a while… :unamused: I wouldn’t worry that much
I don’t really think i’'m going to get bald one day :unamused:

Bassman, I think bald guys r cute :blush:
I’d rather see guys shave it off than combover :expressionless:
I’ve heard actually the food you eat might be the causes of hair lost?
(coffee…again :cry: ) :?
I went through this article cuz my dad has the same problem too…sigh
maybe you wanna take a look… don’t know if it helps u any tho…

I know you are looking for cost and effectiveness, but I want to mention another product to you anyway just for your information.

I’ve been using Nioxin for the last eight years, I firmly believe that if I hadn’t been using it during that time I’d be completely bald by now.

Nioxin is not as quick as the three products you mentioned, but you don’t have to keep using Nioxin although I’d personally recommend that you do. Form what I understand about Rogaine is that once you start using it, you’d better not stop otherwise you’re hair will fall out, and you had better wash it out quickly otherwise you’ll have hair growing in other places you don’t want it. Not sure if that is true, but I’ve heard that from several people. Nioxin takes time to work, it’s not an instant cure, but it does lengthen the life of each hair among other things.

Although Nioxin is a bit more expensive, you don’t need it alot of it, thus it lasts longer than regular shampoo. It cleans out all the shit from your hair, oil, pollution, etc. With regular shampoos they leave a film on your scalp that blocks folicles.

And yes they do sell Nioxin in Taiwan, but I would recommend you purchase it from overseas and have it sent here by boat to save lots of money. Your first time you may want to purchase in Taiwan so that the beauty store you buy it from can explain to you how to use it. Nioxin also has a store in New York New York, you can go and have them put a microscope in your hair and they can tell you what’s going on and what what you need to do.

I have never used Pregaine, Regaine, or Rogaine. Although as my hair begins to reseed even more after being in Taiwan for so long I may need to start using the others. I’m waiting to see if my new Nioxin treatment switch will do the trick.

I am also using a filter for my shower to take out all the chlorine and other pollutants from the water that may be causing hair loss.

If you have futher questions feel free to PM me. I hope this information is helpful.

…to see that the guys with the longest hair are the guys who are balding…nice to make up for lack of hair on top with a long ‘down-to-the-ass’ greasy(can’t wash it too often, or u lose more of those precious strands) ponytail…

anyway…if ur really having trouble in the sack after taking propecia…just have the dr. prescribe viagra or any of the new alternatives…worked for bob dole

I’ve been using a product from France. All natural. It is working well. When I get to remembering the name of the product I’ll post it.

To me products that ‘stop balding’ are the ultimate easy money. If the hair doesn’t fall out immediately people think wow this is working. If it does continue falling out the customer in his desperation switches to another one.

I’d be especially dubious whether they can identify the factors that cause hair loss by putting your hair under a microscope, and voila, diagnose you as a must have for the same product they sell in their shop. Suckers…

The microscope is used to see the oily the scape is and if there are any active folicles. It may indeed be a marketing tool but I’ve been using the product for the over seven years before I used the microscope. Nioxin’s been around now for over 10 years and it is helping people. If your skeptical do your own research!

A previous roommate of mine just shaved his head. Worked for him, and he has the shaved look to this day.

A related question. Apologies if it’s been discussed before, but how much truth is there in that the rain is acidic enough in Taiwan to accelerate hair loss if you stay out in it too long? Sounds like a perpetuated urban legend to me.

It’s genetic. It’s not a disease.

Of course poor diet, disease, and a heavy dose of radiation can have an effect. I will be skeptical until I see people with hair who had no hair previously. It doesn’t happen without surgery.

I always say, “A little acid rain never hurt anybody.”

[quote=“headhonchoII”]To me products that ‘stop balding’ are the ultimate easy money. If the hair doesn’t fall out immediately people think wow this is working. If it does continue falling out the customer in his desperation switches to another one.

I’d be especially dubious whether they can identify the factors that cause hair loss by putting your hair under a microscope, and voila, diagnose you as a must have for the same product they sell in their shop. Suckers…[/quote]

Not only has it stopped balding but it has helped with some regrowth.
If it didn’t work I would try another but that doesn’t make me a sucker. Klorane is working.

I hope you never need it.

I think Tomas said it best: "To a certain extent we all lose our looks over time. "

But at the same time, rather than see it that way, that we LOSE our looks, why look at it this way – “as time passes, we age.”

And over time our faces and heads and hair will change, and this is NATURAL, and nothing to be ashamed about or fret over.

Embrace yourself, embrace your balding head, embrace your pot belly, embrace your wrinkles, embrace your aging body and be at peace with it. Do I sound sick or what?

But it’s true. Bruce WillIS is a good example, embrace your baldness, don’t hide from it. Like someone roommate who shaved it all off, cool!
More power to him. Just as big breasts and a big dick are not the keys to heaven, although they sure get you in the door, losing your hair is part of the life process and nothing to fret about. Unless … you can’t help yourself from fretting. In that case, find some kind of psychological way to deal with, even putting gel on your scalp.

But be aware, nothing works. They are all schlock products for vain men, who fallen victim to the vanity industry that rules modern society.

The answer? Find what works for you: Rogaine, a hat, a bandana, the shaved head look, the cropped look, whatever.

I am lucky in that the DNA in my family has full heads of hair until their 90s. So this problem doesn’t affect me. But does having a full head of hair help me in any way? No way. I am remain as clueless as ever, the forever lost formosa, the always unsatied seeker, the SARS fear.

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And again, whatever works for you, let it work for you. But you aint fooling Father Time, and he’s the final arbiter of all this. RIGht?

For what it’s worth, a friend of mine flew to San Francisco to get treatment at Bosley Medical.

That was 2 years ago, and you can definitely see an improvement now.

Might be something to look into.

Disclaimer: I’m not connected to Bosley in any way. Just observations based on my friend’s experience.

But Ben – “That was 2 years ago, and you can definitely see an improvement now” – saying IMPROVEMENT implies there was something wrong about his losing his hair. You still don’t get it. It’s nature way of saying Hey Man, this is life. The real improvement would be if he accepted his natural aging process and his friends did also. Improvement? over what? over what God intended?

I see I am beating a dead horse on this issue. People are afraid of dying, death, and losing hair. Sad. WHy not be afraid of losing 19 billion brain cells every day after you turn 19, and why not worry about losing sperm count every day after 26? and why not worry about losing skin fitness every day after 35? is the answer to everything just RegainE? Maybe it;s time for people to regain their concious awareness of what life is all about.

I pit the man who tries to regain his hair loss. He has lost out on what life is really all about. Vanity vanity all is vanity.

and again, i say this as a man who has yet to lose a single hair, execept in the shower…

Formosa, you said you don’t have any hair loss. Thus it is easy for you to say it’s a natural process and you should be happy with what you are. If it happened to you I would think you would have a different song to sing. The truth is that it is genetic and natural, but so are hemorrhoids. That doesn’t mean we have to like it. Most people don’t find it particularly attractive. I have no faith in any of the ‘cures’ that are out today, but someday who knows? If they can invent Viagra, surely they can figure out this hair thing.

Richardm, you are right, I spoke out of turn, out of character. I do feel the pain. In fact, today I saw an advert for a hair regain product called HAIR UP. Made me smile. For those who are losing it, yes, I sympathize, and as U2 sang, I hope u find what you are looking for, hair wise. I myself do NOT think a man losing his hair is a negative, I rather find it attractive and intellectual looking, like French philosophers and Spanish artists. But to each his own follicles, I say, and I do take all my earlier words back.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to stir up anything on the sociological aspects of this. When I wrote those comments, I did not mean to state my opinion on hair loss. In fact, I don’t really have any opinion on it, but as was pointed out, it’s probably because I am not one who suffers from it.

“Improvement” was in context to my friend’s case. It simply meant that the treatment helped towards meeting his ultimate goal, which was to stem his hair loss. He was only 24 at the time, and his family has no history of hair loss, so that is why he feels the way that he does.

Whether he should feel the way that he does, that is up for debate, but I was not trying to say one should go one way or the other.

The purpose of my post was to just throw another possibility out there for those who wish to try to do something about it.