Hair loss clinic?

Anyone know a hair loss clinic in Taipei or had any good experiences with one.

I’m not 100% sure I’m losing hair, my hairline isn’t receding but I feel like maybe the top of my head is getting thinner. I can’t really tell, someone said they often shed more in the summer in Taiwan and it grows back.

Don’t have a family history of hair loss but seeing a doctor here for a consultation is probably cheaper than in the UK. Might as well get peace of mind if I’m just paranoid.

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I’m sorry for your loss.


Thoughts and prayers. Stay safe.


Prob good to see a doctor just to confirm you don’t have anything else going on – but Finasteride is sold over the counter here for pretty cheap (like $400NTD for 4 months if you buy the 5mg pills and quarter them yourself, or $700NTD for the 1 month if you buy the 1mg pills).

I’ve been taking 1mg a day for about 5 years now and haven’t noticed any serious side effects (and my hair looks pretty much the same as when I started – about a norwood 2).

Be warned… Some guys get ED from it.


Yes. I’m aware as it’s a DHT blocker.

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Also make sure a pregnant woman doesn’t come into contact with it…

There are a lot of horror stories online about it ruining people’s lives, but it’s hard to say how much of it is the pill versus placebo (in clinical trials there is only a slightly higher rate of ED in finasteride users… I think when you tell someone it might give you ED it gets into your head).

I feel like it’s just in my head, no pun intended. In some lighting it kind of looks like I have some thinning hair on top. But I have black hair and fair skin so i think the contrast is very obvious. In other lighting, I don’t see it.

I went through a similar phase before starting on Finasteride – constantly trying to get a look at the top of my head in different lighting conditions with different angled cell phone pictures.

I’m also honestly not sure if I was/am going bald (thought my hair was thinning similar to you, though most of the men in my family do have bald heads), but the constant thinking about it was killing me.

Felt much better after I felt like I was “doing all I could” about it and hardly think about it at all anymore – I’d definitely at least go get it checked out, otherwise you’ll drive yourself mad thinking about it (or accept that it will be what it will be, which is easier said than done).


A bald head is nothing to be ashamed of. I started losing hair in my teens. I still have a fringe, cut short, which saves me a lot of time fussing about with it, cumulatively.

Edit: a TCM manufacturer claimed to be able to cure me with some salve. I tried it for a while (14 years ago), but no effect.

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…and ignore…click :no_mouth:

Alas, a full head of hair does tend to get more attention, but usually from the ladies. Surely @jdsmith is not a hairist! :cry:

I can only speak for myself and my long long blond locks.

Why is it hard? Pretty easy if you ask me. Hair transplant have come a long way. If you do it right it can be indistinguishable from real hair. I don’t recommend taking any drugs especially since they are not a permanent fix.

Disclosure. I am a hairy balding guy. I am lasering the body hair and planning to do the first round of hair transplant early next year.

If you get this issue for some people taking one quarter of the pill every second or third day eliminates this problem. You can also get topical finesteride and minoxidil mix from india called morr f on ebay

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Do they not recommend that you take some sort of DHT blocker as well?

I thought with that sort of thing the worry is that you’ll continue balding, so you’ll eventually have a bald spot between your hair transplant and your “real” hair?

My understanding is that it’s much easier/cheaper to keep hair that you have, than to try to regrow it / transplant it (and the pill has done it’s job wonderfully so far for 5 years – I’ve been overall very pleased with it)

Exactly. I’d be skeptical of any doctor who doesn’t disclose that most men who receive transplants are advised to take medication to prevent further balding.


Long, long? Or just blonde? :wink:


I would just prefer not to be bald. I like my hair.


Fair enough. I’ve been there. I am just reassuring you that is not all bad, since medical interventions can be hit-or-miss and have their side effects.

Balding is also a natural process and, in many cases (mine), genetic and inevitable. Looking back, if taking a pill with unknown side-effects would have halted my balding for ten or twenty years, I still would have opted to let the locks drop.