Hair Loss - due to surgery or hereditary baldness?

^ I’m sure I read the ‘mother’s side’ thing was a load of baloney.

A friend has little hair and his grandfather (on his mother’s side) went to the grave with a full set of black hair at the age of 75…

Try Proscar produced in Taiwan.
Contains finasteride 5 mg per tab. Split into 4(I split 3 ways)
A good chance of regrowth, and even better of stopping further loss.
Costs about 1500 nt per box(about 4-500 nt per month)
Even better is Dutasteride still patented, so costly.
A good side benefit is prostate protection.

Unless something is new with hair loss genetics, it is found on a gene in the X chromosome. As a male you get the X from your mom, who got one X each from your maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather. So your x could be from either of your mom’s parents. As far as I know anyway…

i have exactly the same hairline as my dad and his dad,so explain that one…

and no,I’m not from Arkansas,my dad didn’t marry his sister