Hair loss specialist


I have a little hair loss problem and i m looking for a speclialsit who can speack english (or french hihi)

My friend told me it should be handle by dermatologist

I read previous posted post, there are some contact information about dermato but they seems to be more focus on skin problem.

A good adress to recommend ?


It’s all over. Just cry yourself to sleep like the rest of us.

ProTip: shave your head and build some muscles. Ladies will be all over you and you will save time in the shower. Bonus: never worry about the scooter helmet messing up your hairdo. The only drawback you might have in Taiwan is that bald or shaved guys are rarely hired for commercials (I played a soldier once, but that’s that).

Seriously, nothing works long term, unless your problem is related to something like Tinea Capitis, which any dermatologist can recognize and treat (rare and kind of gross. You don’t want to hope to have it).

Try maybe to find someone who will prescribe you Rogaine and/or scalp electrotherapy (to improve blood circulation on your head). Both have some degree of success but are not cures, only treatments. Your hair will look exactly as before (or worse) shortly after discontinuing the treatment. Both methods are expensive, too.

I’m relatively young but have been having hair loss issues for some years now.

I started using Regaine and after a couple months I noticed less hair loss and by 3rd month I started noticing some new hair growth. May seem expensive, but works.
However, it’s not a cure, expect hair loss to begin shortly after you stop using the products. If you don’t want your hair to fall out, you’ll have to keep using the product indefinitely until the day comes that you stop caring.

Forget the Rogaine it cost a bundle, and like was said you go right back to being as bald as you were before after you stop using it. Don’t get hair plugs or any expensive procedure. Time is on our side gentlemen. Scientists are working out the bugs on new techniques that make your barren hair follicles become fruitful again. We’re talking a real cure for baldness. The treatment might be only a few years away from hitting the market, or maybe several years. That’s ok though because it’s better to wait until your 40’s to allow your hair to more fully recede before getting the treatment. It would look kind of funny treating the already bald areas then have hair continue to recede around the treated areas. It’s all good because us young guys in our 20s and 30s can take Novaspes’ advice, that is, shave our heads and stay in shape and still pull it off. When you get in your 40s you can get your hair back and get the 18 year-old you’ve been dreaming about just in time for your mid-life crisis. Save the money you would have spent on Rogaine and buy a sports car to go along with your new head of hair. College chicks will dig it.

I noticed a clinic on Zhongxiao east road between zhongxiao dunhua and zhongxiao fuxing mrt stations. If you are going towards fuxing, clinic would fall on left side. It is on third floor I guess with a big advertisement outside.

My hair is falling out way too quickly for me to wait another few years, I’ll stick to the Regaine treatment until a cure comes out or until I don’t care. But that probably won’t be for another 10 years. :s

I thought I saw another clinic on that road before too on but on the right side if you heading going towards Dunhua/Fuxing MRT.