Hair scare

Anyone else scare the locals with their beards, mustaches, goatees, chops or other facial hair?

When clean shaven, people sit next to me all the time on the bus and MRT. But, this goatee seems to scare the rice out of 'em. Seems they’d rather stand on a packed bus than be my seat mate. A few men have been so brazen as to chance it, but have quickly moved to another seat once it was made available.

Actually, it’s great for me. I tend to get a bit irritated when some punk sits next to me and gawks at what I’m reading… or simply gawks at me. Now, when I look in the general direction of someone, they hurriedly turn their gaze away. Can a bit of facial hair really turn me from :smiley: to :imp: ?

I wonder how local women really feel about their husbands’ mole hair.


I wonder about that, too. Kind of reminds me of a housemate I had in college. He had a 4 or 5 inch long nipple hair :shock: which he thought was pretty cool. I should e-mail him and have him come over here for a road show.

Speaking of what Taiwanese guys’ wives think of mole hair, I wonder what they think of soup slurping, unbridled belching and nose picking. A good friend of mine (Taiwanese) advised that I cover my mouth when I use a toothpick, but apparently no cover is needed for nose picking.

And speaking of hair, I saw two kids yesterday with mullet haircuts… you know, buzzed except for what could be tied into a pony-tail in back. Eeeeeh, I hope that doesn’t catch on here… :?

I have sported an evil-looking goatee (a Van Dyke, with hair under the nose and on the chin) twice here in Taiwan. Women who liked me seemed to think it was sexy, but lots of people thought I looked scary.

I don’t grow it out anymore because its just too damned hot here 11 months out of the year.

The rattail thing is supposed to be lucky…it also tends to be the hairstyle of choice for the male offspring of gangsters as I’ve been told. I have seen true mullets…no rattail sh-tuff…I mean full out mullets that would make Billy Ray Cyrus shout, “Yo country, get a f_ckin’ haircut!” I’m talking about “business up front, party in the back” kinda mullets…and some of them on…gasp!..Taiwanese women! Spiky, tufted, bouffant-esque, buzzcut…I can’t wait until they discover spiked bangs and tight-rolled lace cutout jeans. It’s only a matter of time before line dancing takes over what ever the hell they pretend to do on the dance floor at Roxy 99.

The New Taiwan:
Exchanging the “ni hao” for “yee haa!”

I guess when a country emulates another they take the halfway decent things along with the downright embarrassing stuff.

Ok, now we are on the choice subject of Mullets…

Check these out for some more business in front party in back styles…

I particularly like Mullagra falls (page 1) and pimply ass whale mullet (page 2) sort of says it all… but

dont forget to check out Family Mulltrait on page 5 and the Famully on page 7

Oh the joys of a well formed Mullet!

Personally, I think men with Goatee are sexy!!!
So let me know where are all the hairy men are at… I wanna look for them! :wink:

i have a lot of Taiwanese friends who would love to grow a goaty, since it seems to be kind of IN now, but some of them just don’t grow beards at all…

the rub their face with lemon and ginger, but nothing seems to work…

you know, i’m taiwanese, almost 28 and have never shaved in my life. it’s a genetic thing. :slight_smile:

You lucky lucky bastard.

i don’t mind at all, my boyfriend is taiwanese and besides is goaty he doesn’t really grow a beard. the good thing is that he doesn’t grow hair on his chest or back either…gosh there is nothing more disgusting than hair on the back!!!

you know, I’m Taiwanese, almost 28 and have never shaved in my life. it’s a genetic thing.

You lucky lucky bastard.

Sad bastards!!

you know, I’m Taiwanese, almost 28 and have never shaved in my life. it’s a genetic thing.

You lucky lucky bastard.

Sad bastards!![/quote]

The wookie can write!!!