Haircut with No Mandarin? 🙂


Thanks for all of your past help everyone. May I please ask you a question. I don’t speak any Mandarin yet, but I want to get a haircut.

Do you have any recommendations or similar experiences? I always noticed the NT$ 300 haircut places outside the PX Mart.


If you have something very specific in mind, just take a photo of the style you want with you. Otherwise, the hand symbols for cut and wash are pretty universal.


There are even cheaper ones at NT$100 around Taipei city, some even inside MRT train stations.

You can ask a local co-worker/friend to take you to one of those places and interpret for you, or…

show them a picture of yourself from a previous haircut or one you like, or take photo of a picture of some male model from online and just show it to them, then ask “ke3 yi3 ma”? (3 means third tone). Basically, asking “can you do it”?


Thank you very much. I actually meant NT$ 100. It is outside the PX Mart in Guting right over by NTNU.
Your advice was really helpful. May I please ask if you have that phrase in Chinese characters so if I need to show them?


可以這樣剪嗎?kěyǐ zhèyàng jiǎn ma?

Can you cut it it like this?


Thank you very much.


Sure. Do you want to get it shampooed too?

That would be:

可以幫我洗頭嗎?kěyǐ bāng wǒ xǐtóu ma?


This is [quote=“CTaitung, post:3, topic:160861”]
You can ask a local co-worker/friend to take you to one of those places and interpret for you

I’ve always thought the fun and excitement about being in a foreign land the exotic Oriental was about the experiences.
That’s the good stuff.
I never in my wildest dreams would have for a second worried about not being understood getting my haircut. In fact, it should be a blessing, a chance to doze off and catch a nap. When you wake up you should be happily surprised at the good job the young lady has done.
I never understand what the ladies are telling me in Thailand but boy those massages are good


Thank you very much for all of your help. I actually live a block away, so I will just go home and grab a shower. Thank you very much though.


Jean at PLUUS in Zhongshan (104台北市中山區南京西路1-2號) is amazing at cuting non-asian hair and also speaks really good english. There are two PLUUS in the area so make sure to go to the one above.

However, price would probably be around 500 NTD. Maybe a bit above.

Taipei Salon/Stylist recommendations for English speaker

Thanks homie. I already got it completed but probably next time :slight_smile: