Haiti screwed by the US yet again

“Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s move to raise Haiti’s minimum wage was the last straw for American corporations and elitist U.S. factions.”



man, i bet the aristide fans are probably going through the same withdrawl that marcos fans went through way back. tomorrow’s a new day, european, and there’ll be other corrupt 2-bit thugs for you to champion. :slight_smile: how about that chavez fellow? i think he could use some of your support fighting evil forces backed by the us.

Hey, just pick an African country. Any African country.

Hey Euro-trash! Why don’t you go whine to the French? :laughing:

France says Haiti’s Aristide signed resignation

PARIS, March 9 (AFP) - Jean-Bertrand Aristide signed a formal letter of resignation from office, the French foreign ministry said Tuesday, refuting the former Haitian leader’s claim that he remains the country’s elected president.

“Constitutional legality was respected. Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigned. His letter of resignation was formally put into effect,” said foreign ministry spokesman Herve Ladsous.

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By that I assume you mean when the US installed Aristide in the first place.

radiofreeamerica.tv/video/20 … /haiti.swf

Man, what solopsistic arrogance to nickname yourself after an entire continent! Are you really trying to say that you represent all 700+ million Europeans?

Don’t blame the US for Haiti’s troubles. This island’s problems started a long, long time ago, when it was a French colony. The US inherited France’s mess, as it did in Vietnam. They’re just trying to clean it up.
I’m no apologist for American foreign policy, but Haiti is such a complex, convoluted problem that it is difficult to know what the US should do. It’s too close to the US to just ignore – surely nobody thinks that letting thousands of desperate refugees risk and often lose their lives in the attempt to get to America by boat is the best choice.

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I didn’t know european was a continent