Half of Taiwan's cram school teachers may lose their jobs | Taiwan News |

Many don’t pay laobao either right ?
And they didn’t pay tax until recently. If they do pay tax it’s vastly underreported .


I think the situation is much better than in the old days where it was paid per hour, tax went into their pockets etc. Obviously still a long way to.go to clear up this industry. Do you think the government is fully aware that few can apply , so that is why they are offering ? Are they that naive?

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Reminds me of all of the privately run stores and shops that only sometimes use their cash registers and provide receipts. They likely only report half of their transactions/revenues so can’t easily show drops. They surely are cushioned as long as they are not levered up on the school and outside dealings - cars, real estate, so and so. The real hurt will come in the next 3 months as there is no way the schools will open with over 600 kids already infected. Kids won’t social distance and they will bring the virus home to parents and grandparents. How can kids eat and drink water wearing masks?

This new normal is going to be very miserable.

Yes, forgive my English rendering of terms as I don’t speak Chinese.

Re the employment insurance, the rules are: if they have registered any workers, all subsequent eligible workers must be enrolled; if they have more than five employees, they must register as a unit (school had 9 employees, but had not registered).

This is true and is just what they argued, that the time card was “to help me” by protecting me from any miscalculation of pay. However, the contract stated that payment depended on time card data, undercutting this argument.

(If you’re not a lawyer, you should be!)

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That’s labor insurance, not employment insurance.

If it’s a buxiban then it’s neither a company nor a business (the word firm or 行號 should have a broader meaning than business or 商業, but according to the MOL it doesn’t), ergo the 5 employee rule doesn’t apply, so the only thing to make it compulsory is the existing registration. So with existing registration, even if the number of employees currently registered is zero, even if it’s always been zero, it’s still compulsory, but if the registration never occurred in the first place, it’s not.

On the other hand, if the business is a de facto buxiban but registered as a company (or as a business within the meaning of the Business Registration Act) instead, then it’s shot itself in the knee, because the five employee rule applies after all.

Looks like the government wants schools to reopen for the fall semester in September.

  • Teachers have just been added to the priory list for vaccinations.
  • Government announced that the new semester will start 2 days late, so that schools can be disinfected.

I sure want the schools to open. My 7 year old daughter is doing just fine at home but this isn’t normal for the kids.

My concerns noted above about the numbers of infected kids is certainly valid. I wonder how the schools will address the concerns I and others have raised?

Do you have a link for that thanks.

I do have a link. From April 20 to June 23 at 5:30 in the evening, a total of 625 kids from college through kindergarten have been infected. Surely there are more recent numbers but I have not looked for them today.

How will the schools prevent transmission between kids? How will the kids be prevented from bringing the virus back home to parents and grandparents? It’s obvious we are never going to be rid of the virus. I guess we’ll just have to take our lumps and deal with what happens.

The transmission between kids…Regular testing in the schools.

All school staff should be vaccinated. Try to separate kids from elderly, but all elderly should be vaccinated by then. If they don’t vaccinate that’s their risk to carry. Try to separate elderly from the kids (not always possible).

Transmission to younger and middle aged adults might be the problem but it’s all a balance in the end.

Countries in Europe kept the schools open at high transmission rates (compared to Taiwan ) since maybe Jan this year.

However cram schools I have a particular concern because they mix kids from different schools.and classes.


Todays news says 644 cases of kids infected. Added 6 since yesterday

I don’t know if crusher was referring to this, and I may be referring to an ooold statement, but I’m curious: Teachers have been #7 on the priority list for several weeks. Has this changed?

Correct. Did they add uni and cram school teachers yet ?

It came down from the MOE—university teachers added.

No idea what’s going on with the cram schools.


I thought I had bookmarked that list but I can’t find it. Who has a list that defines the priority of the ‘vaccination’?


Grrr. I can’t get the labels right (as I said, no Chinese skills.)

This buxiban is registered as a company, they have a company number on the owner’s license.

The schools are being used as voting stations for the two referendums.

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