Halloween Activities

I just got the assignment to design an hour long activity for about 25 adults on Halloween night. I have to admit that my creative mind is not centered at Halloween activities. I have come up with activities that I recall from my childhood but things like bobbing for apples, etc just arn’t going to work. Certainly the hot apple cider and brandy are out. Anybody have some suggestions. These are adult Taiwanese students ranging in age from 18 to 40 and all have a mid-level English ability. Any serious suggestions would be greatly apreciated.

Tell a few ghost stories in English. Better yet, have the students script out and act a Taiwanese ghost story or two. Most folks here love acting in front of friends. If you pick the right students, everyone will love it.

You might also bring some classic Halloween songs to sing along to, such as “The Monster Mash.”

Have everyone bring their favorite candy. Get sick eating all of the crap, then explain that this is a Halloween tradition.

One more–show a movie clip from a Japanese or American horror film. That should get them in the right mood.

And here some of you expected me to suggest bobbing for shaojies :wink: .

Take them all to a graveyard or burial site and tell them a horror story. make sure the story is loaded with detail, that the graveyard is only lit by a couple of small candles which you bring, make sure your tale goes on for about an hour. Pause then say “BOO!!!” very loudly. Then go home. It worked when our teacher did this about 25 years ago.

Adults, right?

Host a Satanic orgy, of course. Make sure that everyone has a chance to verbalize their feelings.

Brilliant! Haven’t been to a Satanic Orgy in years. You just need an altar, a goat and buckets of blood. Women must wear leather and be prepared to be tied up. Lots of screaming is a must and if you can do this in a graveyard even better. Will you be sending out invitations?