Halloween at My World!

Hi family people!

I started a thread over here: [How to make an English school into a Haunted House

about the Haunted House we’re going to have at our school this Saturday 10/28.I wanted to invite you parenting type people and your kidren out to enojy some fun.

It shouldn’t be TOO scary, and the “operation/dissection” should be more fun and gross than scary.

So, if you want to come out for good time, a psychic reading and some candy, be our guest!

The easiest directions are to take the train to Ying Ge station, walk up the stairs, go LEFT, then out and down the stairs. Once outside, the Rd we are on is perpendicular to the train station (Ren Ai Rd). Walk straight down the road to the end, maybe 500 meters. The First Bank is on the ground floor of the office building we are located in, on the right side of the road, across from the police/fire station. Easy as pie to find.

If lost, give us a call 2677-2003.

Hope to see you and chillllllldren there! :rainbow:



The place looks great guys! 1-3PM.

Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:

did you see me… I was the jack-o-lantern in orange tights.

It was GREAT fun. I’ll post pics in the other thread. Killer time.:slight_smile: