Halloween costume ideas!

how many of you have to dress up for halloween this friday at school? jesus… i have to and i have not idea what to go as!!! any easy make at home costumes? :help:

I’m going to be a typhoon at a costume party. Wear all black, get some wire at the hardware store, wrap it around your body, glue some cut outs of clothes, cars, houses, etc to the wire.

Halloween is Sunday, you goddessless heathen.

I bought an afro-wig a while ago for 250NT or something (from one of those shops behind hte train station). It serves as my general, all-purpose lame-ass costume.

So your schooll says ‘you have to dress up’. You say ‘I don’t have anything, can you rent me something?’.


You could go as Kerry. No costume required! Just walk around saying " I,ve got a plan…" :laughing:

Or you could go as Bush. All you have to do is smirk all of the time. :laughing: :laughing:

Or you could go as your avatar.

They have some nice Hello Kitty costumes at the costume rental stores in Ximending.

There’s a place at the top of Shidalu in the market that sells lots of bits. A really cool skeleton hand with blood dribbling all over it.

But does anyone know any other places that have the usual crap? I can’t bargain these guys down.

My personal favourite is the home-made hobo costume. It’s easy, economical and best of all the chicks really dig it.

Don’t shower for a couple days, throw on your dirtiest grubbiest clothes and right before you get to school roll around in the nearest gutter.
And don’t forget a hat to collect people’s spare change

How about Crazy Newspaper Face guy?

Chang An West Rd. has tons of Halloween stores. Do the generic witch/wizard thing. I’m using parts from there (wings and antennae), a yellow shirt from Bossini, black tights and electrical tape to metamorph myself into a 5’6" bumblebee. Get creative.

I got some camo pants, shirt and jacket from the army store, and the lady even made a patch with my Chinese name on it to sew on the jacket. This was last year, and this year I added welder’s goggles (150 NT) to look like night vision goggles. The kids love it.

Pvt. English Teacher…very cool idea. :laughing:

Here are some more ideas for next year (although they might not be so relevant)…

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