Halloween costumes

Where to find children’s Halloween costumes? I saw that BestBuy in TienMu next to TAS has Halloween costumes but not sure if they are for younger kids or not. Any other places?

Somebody in another thread mentioned Chang An West Rd. Anyone been there to check them out?

Yes, Chang An West Road has a bunch of smaller shops selling Halloween costumes and masks and other holiday gear. The stores also sell Christmas stuff and general knick-knacks–maybe this stuff is mostly for export, but winds up in these shops.

I don’t know if it is worth it to make a trip all the way over there, but if you’re in the neighborhood, it might be worth stopping in to take a look. One word of advice: avoid the weekend, esepcially this weekend–the last before Halloween. It can get a bit crowded in some of the stores at this time.

RT Mart also has a bunch of children’s costumes, ranging from a pumpkin outfit for the younger kids to a princess outfit and superhero costume for the older ones. They also have plastic pumpkins and pictures of witches and other decorations. So, that might be a more convenient option.

Might Costco have some Halloween costumes? Carefour? I did see pumpkins in Wellcome, so maybe stores are getting into the Halloween spirit (and selling more things, too, of course). I think Wellcome is also selling those bags of bite-sized Halloween candy that is given out to trick-or-treaters.

Best of luck and Happy Halloween.

Yep Carrefour has entire sections devoted to Halloween gear

Toys “R” Us has plenty ‘o’ Halloween gear.

I know that all the big box stores will sell me an “Americal military outflit uniform costume” or some similar piece of &*%$&, but I come from a backward corner of The States where it’s customary to fashion a costume out of twine, sticks and mud.

So: craft stores? I need a place where I can get balsa wood and moldable foam and spraypaint and so on…

For the more civilized of you, that Americal outfit is available at carrefour.

I know some costume stores near taipei 後車站…((but I don’t know the name of the street)) sorry
Let me check on the street and come back to you later…Or any other nice person could tell him the street name for me…

I have no idea where to find moldable foam but you can find all kinds of craft stuff on Yanping Lu, Chong Qing Lu, and Chang An Lu… that general area north of the Taipei Main Station.

On Chang An West road From Tai Yuan Road(太原路) to 重慶北路

Where can I buy Halloween costumes for infants? Thanks!

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I saw some in the Hola store in Neihu, behind the Costco.

Toys ‘R’ Us has millions.

There are many toy shops in the “hou chezhan” area north-west of Taibei Main Station.

Anywhere that has a large selection of Halloween costumes?

You can always strap a potato to your groin and go as a dictator.

Ximending, off the main square where the main exit of the MRT station is. Look for the police station off the intersection and take that street/lane (runs North/South parallel to Chung Hwa Rd)…there are about 3 shops that rent costumes there. Wish I could be more precise…sorry!

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Wondering what to wear this halloween? look no further, Costco is selling halloween costumes


I wonder if that one was made in China…