Halloween in Taipei?

Do people(Taiwanese) celebrate/party for Halloween like we(Americans) do in the states?

If so, what/where?


It’s an American holiday based on European (English) traditions. Mexico has Dia de los Muertos, also based on the European traditions brought over from Spain.
Taiwan has Ghost Day, though not really the same thing.

[quote=“Shortround”]Do people(Taiwanese) celebrate/party for Halloween like we(Americans) do in the states?

If so, what/where?


As far as I know, the only place in Taipei where children go from door to door and where houses are decorated for Halloween, is Wellington Heights in Peitou (15minutes north west of TienMu). Many non-Wellington Heights residents go there as well. Maybe somebody who lives there knows on what date it will be celebrated.

Have seen stores selling costume stuff, and just because it’s an American holiday doesn’t mean it won’t happen here. Big in Tokyo & other places around the world, but admittedly targeted more toward adults who’re looking for a different kind of “treat”… :smiling_imp:

So, the more precise question is: where should the 20-30ish folks in Taipei go on Halloween (Friday evening this year) to party & enjoy watching the ladies who trade their usual wardrobe for an evening wearing really short, skimpy, naughty … wait, how will that night be different? :howyoudoin:

Only thing I’ve seen so far is a flyer for a place in Ximen, but I can’t seem to find a website for 'em. Might be decent, but the usual 16-20yo Ximen crowd doesn’t interest me much…not sure about clubs there though.

Are you looking for adults’ or kids’ events?
Many schools will have their own Halloween parties, where kids dress up and play games in the classroom or school grounds, or do something in the community area.
Individual groups like cityplaygroup will have trick-or-treating for kids.
For adults, many pubs and bars will have parties where you get free entry or drinks for dressing up.

Im looking more for the adult scene, as im 25 years old. Clubs/bars etc

this should be really good. good bands, great people, sexy women dressed as your fantasy

more info at the facebook group

I hope I don’t get spanked for double posting, but there seems to be two Halloween threads going.
Our party is tonight, Fri 10/31.
500nt/guys 350nt/girls
Save 100nt with a costume.