Ham 101 Please tell me about the types of Ham I can ge here

Yes, I know that I can get great western sandwich ham in Costco. But if you can’t freeze ham that would not help. I’m the only person who in my household who eats western food and I don’t eat large servings. That double package is way too much.

So, I’m looking for small packages of imported or decent local stuff.

My favorite kind of ham is what you’d get at the supermarket deli counter where you’d say 1/4 ham, imported or domestic. No brand name mentioned. The sandwich ham in the supermarket (usually Proker sandwhich ham or Proker german ham) have a strange spice mix to it. They just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Do you use any local ham be it the sandwich ham, large square ham or ham that comes in long rounds. How are they? Which do you like?

I’d love to get a good canadian bacon, a pork roll or a good ham steak as well.

Carrefour in Xindian usually has a whole ham of some sort that they slice to order. My wife buys it often. Its pretty good. I can’t stomach that virulent neon-pink water-saturated stuff like Proker, etc.

I agree with Sandman on the local fake ham crap. :thumbsdown:

El Toro has some nice ham – the smoked Virginia ham sample I got from him was delicious (although I had to trim it a bit to get rid of some of the excess fat, since I’m on a heart-healthy diet). But you can’t just buy a few hundred grams at a time, which means there isn’t room in my freezer. I’d be happy to split some (as well as some of his other products) with someone, though.

I do freeze ham. Seems ok.

I certainly agree that ElToro is the best I have found.
I freeze the already sliced Virginia ham in small packages. Fine stuff.
“pkg” here means “per kilogram”.

  1. Moulded, sliced smoked chicken breast 400pkg

  2. Sliced sandwich ham 400pkg

  3. Sliced smoked ham 400 pkg

  4. Canadian ham 400pkg

  5. Pork leg ham 420 pkg

  6. Smoked ham roll (round) 400pkg

  7. Black pepper ham 400pkg

  8. Virginia smoked ham 400 pkg

  9. Smoked bacon 360 pkg

  10. Corned beef 460 pkg

  11. Smoked beef 460 pkg

  12. Sliced smoked chicken breast 430 pkg

  13. Schinkenwurst 400 pkg

  14. Lyonerwurst 400 pkg

  15. Paprikawurst 400

  16. Mortadella 400 pkg

  17. Hunterwurst 400 pkg

  18. Beerwurst 380 pkg

  19. Pepperoni 630 pkg

  20. Salami 620 pkg

  21. Chicken sausage 400 pkg

  22. Veal sausage 400 pkg

  23. Nürnburger 400 pkg

  24. Chippolata 400 pkg

  25. Chilli sausage 350 pkg

  26. Viennas 380 pkg

  27. Russians 380 pkg

  28. Veal sausage 380 pkg

  29. Pepper sausage 380 pkg

  30. Polish sausage 390 pkg

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That link just goes to some ad for something called Godaddy.

Yeah, but that’s pretty much the list…I know, I know, it’s ayear later… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ham is the fruit of Taiwan. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sauté it. There’s, um, hamkabobs, ham creole, ham gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple ham and lemon ham, coconut ham, pepper ham, ham soup, ham stew, ham salad, ham in potatoes, hamburger, ham sandwich. That’s, that’s about it.

Don’t forget ham milkshakes and icecream*. :lick:

*I’ll bet you think I’m kidding, but I saw fried-pork-floss icecream the other day.

Found an artisan ham seller here that has black pig and regular, four varieties, no nitrates apparently, 14 day expiry in fridge, per kilo 930-1530 range, with packages as small as 500g up to 1200 in long cylinders perfect for slicing or dicing, has apparently been making them since 1939, www.unclekuo.com Hualian, 03 857 6765, over 80 years experience. I had the rosemary ham, which was excellent. Does ship; be sure to pay for refrigerated shipping.


Jamón Ibérico keeps like 3 years.