Hamasushi is a good sushi place and it’s interesting. It’s conveyer belt style and all the seats have an electronic ordering pad. You just tap what you want and then it comes along the belt to you. The plates have GPS (not real GPS) so it beeps at you when it reaches your spot and you know to grab the plate that belongs to you.

New location Xinyi Road.

Big variety of both salmon and tuna and lots of others. Four different styles of soy sauce.

Unexpected things like ramen, chocolate sundaes, chocolate covered french fries, four types of alcohol.

Menu has English option.

Hamasushi Xinyi Anhe


I might never ever again leave my own neighborhood.

Hama Sushi, Sukiya, great Mexican food, German food, grocery stores, street market, 40 or more bars and clubs within 10 minute walking distance, and more than enough women claiming to be my girlfriend.

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Very nice small chocolate $80 sundae.

These beef teriyaki with spice sauce are out da world. Also have pork.

It was a random pick but wow.

Hama can surprise.

Their small tempura set is surprisingly good, and a nice way to throw in some veggies (albeit deep fried) into a meal.


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You sir are living your best life. :rofl:


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