Hamilton? Really?!?!?

I know it’s supposed to be the greatest artistic accomplishment since Jesus.
And I’ve tried, watching more than a couple clips and all.
But I just…can’t.

There’s just something about white guys (I know he’s Puerto Rican, but you know) rapping that just makes my skin crawl.
Am I unique in this???

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It’s cringe. :-1:

Then again, most musicals are cringe. Important exceptions made for the Muppets movies and for John Kander’s Chicago. I guess Little Shop of Horrors is also okay. And RHPS.

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Perhaps unusual? Not alone - my parents didn’t like it either, and they do enjoy musicals. They’re also in their 80s, mind you.

I absolutely love it. I’ve listened to the first half of the soundtrack countless times. It’s probably something of it’s time - coming to Hamilton, with its optimism about America, for the first time in 2015 is quite different from doing so in 2020.

The problem isn’t white people or Boriquas rapping (there are plenty who can rap just fine), the problem is that Hamilton is crap.


Musicals are generally fine when viewed as a live performance.

They shouldn’t be watched on TV. This is similar to golf, curling, ost forms of car racing and a handful of fetishes.


I think it just came to Disney+ a few minutes ago, and I plan on watching on the train tomorrow.

Are people getting Disney+ without a VPN here in Taiwan, or is a VPN still required?

It’s still required.

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Thanks! That was my guess, but figuring out what is and isn’t available here can be a pain.

Oh yeah, I just remembered he was kind of an A-hole on CYE, too.

I just got through the first act. I really liked it as entertainment. The songs are catchy, though I wouldn’t categorize many as rap, though that’s obviously an element in the broadway, hip hop, and pop sensibilities of the musical. The historical inaccuracies are a bit glaring, but it’s still a lot of fun so far.

I listened to the album and watched a few clips, and I think it definitely is best experienced live. There are many thoughtful and clever details in its choreography. For example, the Bullet and all the foreshadowing this hidden character brought with her simply aren’t something you could pick up from listening to the album.

I really love songs by Aaron Burr, Angelica and Lafayette. My favorite songs from Hamilton are the cabinet battles.

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Not an Eminem fan, I take it.

So, if I want to watch the filmed version of the play in Taiwan, is VPN and Disney Plus my only option?

I believe the Code of the Internet obliges at least one post along the lines of “Avast, ye scurvy dog, aye, if the pirate’s life not be for you, to a VPN you must yo ho go!”

That being said, Disney Plus should be showing up here sometime; most news I’ve seen says it’ll be appearing in the Asia-Pacific through 2020 and 2021.

No…? He’s boricua. Everyone else who raps is either Latinx, African American or another minority. The only big role played by a white person is King George who doesn’t rap.

Watched movie Hamilton.

First few minutes take a while to get into and I almost turned it off, music wasn’t what I was expecting, but quickly draws you in, inspiring, reaching fantastic. Really? Really.

Hard to imagine the lead actor as Hamilton, wrote the script, music and lyrics.


Into musical theatre AND KTV? My kinda guy :+1:


Into art and life.


Miranda is extremely talented in several areas. I love the fact that he composed this song

based on the actor’s previous song with Flight of the Conchords: