Hammerfest in HK


Just a wee headsup…there’ll be a big event Oct. 14 in HK featuring some of the top world tour teams and sprinting talent in particular. Two races on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Could be fun.


There are also open races for men and women, but they are asking people without a UCI/National license to pass a skills test…never heard of that before and it doesn’t seem like the test they prescribe would be all that helpful in determining if someone can actually handle a bike. Links to the FAQ and test below.

I’ve heard the open races/fun rides have not been well organized in the past with regards to unexpected traffic incursions, but maybe that will change with the UCI event now attached.


Bummer, I’ll be there the following week instead. Hammer Series is pretty fun to watch, but the lack of weight behind winning/losing makes it a bit of an afterthought.


In Belgium the After-Tour-Races are similar, short, fast and mostly Tour de France participants.

After tour criterium

That’s a given since decades in Belgium.