Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) - Kaohsiung's New Mayor



Please go stand in the corner for a few hours…


Why is the media so crazy over this guy? I don’t get it… haven’t heard any plans other than a Ferris Wheel. He said the other Mayor didnt do anything for jobs but build attractions…then he wants to build a ferris wheel…


I think it’s a combination of playing to KMT faithful but mostly paid placements…Guess where the money comes from…Not KMT coffers.

As I said he gets massive coverage and that’s not free.


You can look forward to a new “clean” coal plant in Kaotown and you can blame the Deeps for shutting down nuclear power plants. Condo construction has slowed so those guys need some new graft stream to fill the void.


Kaohsiung air is already bad enough. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like with “clean” coal plants ringing it. China quality. Nightmarish.


He’s charismatic and says controversial stuff. My wife calls him Little Trump.


Who’s more charismatic & says more controversial stuff: him or Political Rockstar Ko up north?


Both are the mayors the locals deserve. Retarded voters get retarded mayors.


Tsk tsk, not very politically correct of you.


That’s democracy in work. Would you have it any other way?


I will now think about this every time I see him.


Yes. I would rather have a BETTER democracy in which idiots like this piece of shit wouldn’t even be nominated and the voters actually have a brain.


How do you plan to make that happen? What’s the game plan?

Also, what are the KPIs in judging the quality/goodness of a democracy? Can voters whom disagree with you still be smart, or they’re all retarded/stupid?

So far, the only impression I get from you is that everyone whom disagrees with you is just stupid/wrong/retarded/deserves to die.


I always get the distinct feeling that Gain will be pleased with democracy when he is the one deciding how everyone votes.


Gain is one of those people that even when you agree with them, you wish you didn’t, because they express their views in such a repugnant way.


I wonder how many good/close friends Gain has in real life. Or if he’s just a totally different person in the off-line world.


What kind of things does he say?


kind of glad how the elections came out because it really put everyone back to earth about the political landscape of taiwan. the south was never a politcal stronghold for democratic, progessive (i do not dare to say liberal) values. hindsight’s always 20/20, imo dpp support in the south was always that strong in the south because it has been neglected by the kmt for decades and dpp could always play the role of the underdog. now that they are in the highest position of power, that argument doesn’t work anymore. dpp has never been voted for promoting lgbt rights, pro taiwan independence(maybe a little but surely not for the most part), pro-clean energy etc. southerners voted for dpp because they cared (just a little more for them) than the kmt economically-wise.

i hope the kaohsiung will eventually wake up and see that this guy is not their messiah but i’m also quite skeptical and i can even imagine that guy is gonna run for president during the next election. he’s gonna make taiwan great again…honestly mark my words


I like Gain because he is a free fact checker.


And as his first act of being Mayor, the Kaohsiung Tourism Board announced today a Love Motel Contest, allowing netizens to vote on the best love motels across the city.

Stay Classy. Making Kaohsiung Great Again.