Han Kuo-yu proposes tax for foreigners visiting Kaohsiung



When I went to South Africa with my TW gf, we went to a nature reserve and she paid about 3 times more for the day ticket than I did.


South African citizens and Residents (with ID): R77 per adult, per day

Standard Conservation Fee (Foreign Visitors): R307 per adult, per day

Actually 4 times more.


I would imagine that foreigners checking into a hotel with an ARC would not be considered “tourists.”


I’m opposed to this tax on principle… but I have serious doubts it will have any meaningful impact on tourism. I doubt people are going to adjust their travel plans due to a $3 USD fee added on to their hotel expenses.


As someone else said, I doubt anyone will adjust their plans due to some close to non existent fee added to the hotel bill

Tw residents can get a refund for the fee paid on checkin (similar as is done at maokong gondola, except it’s a refund to cc or cash)

So, I doubt this reduces the number of tourists going to Kaohsiung and shouldn’t be too hard to administer so that it’s only levied on non tw residents


The point of the tax?,Money goes where ? Giant wheels? Somebodys back pocket ?

How will it be administered ? I thought he was supposed to be attracting people to Kaohsiung, he won’t be able to hit non KH resident Taiwanese without a big furore.

It’s true that some cities are thinking.of bringing in extra taxes , quotas and restrictions on AirBNB…They are the ones that get millions of visitors a year.and can’t cope with any more!


He said the tax will only apply to non tw residents


Let’s see what happens. If it’s based on no ID we are going to get hit unless local SO books.
By the way we residents of Taiwan also cannot avail of the recent govt subsidy promotion for tourism…Only citizens with ID can get it. They still take my taxes every year.


Thankfully the air pollution is free


Unfortunately he won’t be “found out in a year or 2” everyone know what he’s about, everyone did before the election. Its like trump, the people who support people like them don’t suddenly wake up out of bed and bump into moral enlightenment. Those few who do realise he’s a psychopath, will still not say a thing cause brand loyalty trumps progress, 99.9%

Worst thing is most industry knows its long.term suicide.opening up, and by proxy relying on, China. Multiple industries are going terrible due to ma, but most people are.too thick and disconnected to get.it. Taiwan’s wood.industry is.right fucked now.due.to.relying heavily on China, after the China us trade war thing all those pretty logs are grown.g.Mushrooms now…



by the way i agree with you…


I will. Fuck their petty foreigner tax.


Right on cow. They should be paying us to visit their shithole of a city.



Time to start leaving angry reviews everywhere?

Btw, if anyone actually lives in Kaohsiung, this would be a great opportunity to contact the city councillor where you live.


Most of the people who voted for the noodle chef, I feel will share your sentiments very shortly. Even sooner than I expected.


a) There’s nothing XENOPHOBIC in this, taxing tourists extra shekels is a common thing that is done everywhere in the world

b) Leaving petty reviews to fight the powers that be reminds me of the people storming Starbucks demanding reparations caused by the white patriarchy

c) This idea is dumb as fuck because in the rest of the world, especially outside of South East Asia, when people hear “Taiwan” they immediately think of Taipei. Very few people abroad know Kaohsiung, and even those who do know about it may have no idea how to spell it properly. Having an extra tax for tourists is the worst possible way to promote a tourist destination, regardless of how small it is

d) Following to point c), since the amount is pretty small it would be reasonable if we were talking about a major tourist landmark. Considering that no one gives a flying duck about Kaohsiung for tourism apart from its Ikea and the fact that it’s the last HSR station before transferring to something else in order to go to Kenting/Pingtung, it will not help advertising it to others potential tourists at all. “Well, it kinda sucked, there wasn’t really anything interesting in the city…AND I got paid extra for sleeping there?”


Saying nothing at all doesn’t really do very much and those in power assume the policies they make sit well with people. At least putting your voice out there in different forms can give those and others the opportunity to listen. They’re not mind readers. Something like shutting down a highway ala Gardiner Expressway is petty and serves nothing but pissing off everyone else. Kaohsiung’s business is serving its people and it is within the interests of Kaohsiungites to know why people may or may not come to spend money and contribute to the economy.

Reviews, editorials, letters to the editor, city councillors…There are a myriad of ways to express an opinion today more than ever. It’s not petty, it’s contribution.


I think that if everyone who doesn’t like a particular policy decided to leave a negative review on a government building, every single government building in the world would have a 0 star rating because everyone can easily find (at least) a single thing he doesn’t like about the current mayor/city council/governor etc. That’s why i consider it petty, it serves no practical purpose apart from showing “outrage” and expressing it in the easiest and least committing way possible.

Contacting the city council writing a letter saying:“I think this policy X is bad because Y” can be more productive if enough people do so, especially those who belong to the aforementioned group b) because if enough business owners showed concern regarding potential loss of revenue (and taxes) that’s something that could ring a bell or two in the mayor office.

If the mayor and his friends have done some research and think that this tax will not have negative impact on tourism in Kaocity and don’t plan to change their mind in the near future, then the feedback from tourists and business owners is what they’ll look forward to receive, not the reviews left on the government Facebook page by some randos.


I could see it that way too. I saw it more from a tourism/customer service point of view, Google Maps is primarily about finding things and works well for tourism. But I can see your point too.


Was my message edited by the system ?_?

“… if enough people do so, especially those who belong to the aforementioned group b) because if enough business owners…”

This part makes no sense as it is now, but I previously wrote another sentence and wrote that the people who’ll be more effected by this policy would be:

a) potential tourists
b) business owners who work in the tourism industry

But that bit of my post is not there, wtf? Did the forum just have a stroke?