Han Kuo-yu proposes tax for foreigners visiting Kaohsiung



German Spa-Towns have this kind of tax aswell. If you are not an resident you need to pay it per night directly at the hotel/bnb


Like Baden-Baden?

I think it’s a stupid idea, counter-productive. Like saying, “please reconsider coming here”.

Now, if you want to give local residents certain perks that outsiders cannot enjoy, that’s a whole other story.


But there is a difference. German spa towns are small and can’t handle large hoardes of tourists and tour buses as it would decrease the quality of services. That’s also their main purpose, tourism. Kaohsiung isn’t exactly overrun with tourists and is a multipurpose city. What do they want to accomplish with this hotel tax? Protecting A-Ma’s 1970s-built Gongyu repurposed into Fandian? I don’t mind fees for entering major tourist sites that go towards upkeep, maintenance and quality service. I do mind discriminatory taxes slapped on every foreigner sleeping in the city, regardless if they’re tourists, businessmen or just visiting friends/family.


I just encounterd it in Kellenhusen. The Town uses the money to boost their infrastructure, host concerts, plays etc. they even got free wifi three years ago, which is an accomplishment for a small town in bumfuck nowhere.


I like the fact that there’s the link to a suicide prevention line at the end of the article. I don’t read that website so i don’t know if they always do it, but this is buzzfeed-level low.


This is what happens when you base news articles on Facebook posts. But it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that locals being priced out of the housing market by rich Chinese investors would cause the suicide rate to rise a little.


Wow…the guy is on board one day and everyone is blasting him.


Britain needs to start charging tourists to Birmingham immediately.


You should see the comments on the LINE today article. Hilarious.

Han Kuoyu, I’m a Kaohsiungite. I’m really starting to trust you less and less. If you loosen up the rules, will people really invest in Kaohsiung? How will young people buy houses? Don’t forget your slogans! You have assumed office now (and) Kaohsiungites are watching. Remember the People’s interests.


Most papers today decided to discuss the possibility of Korean Fish’s daughter - so pretty, so popular- entering the fascinating world of local entertainment. That tells you that media will cover up any and all of Han’s slip ups or controversies.


Remember boys and girls. You can be successful too! All you need to do is be the eccentric mayor’s daughter and be at least somewhat good looking. Equal opportunities!


… if you have an Asian face. I tried. I showed my ARC, but they still charged me the non-resident price.


If you have your huji in Taipei city you should get the discounted price
Not only Taipei city does this…I don’t really agree with these schemes though as these cities are funded by our taxes already and loads of people live in one place and work in another.


I have a bear face and it worked for me :laughing:


YAWN! This is just another indication of the TW powers to be having NO Clue on marketing. If you want to generate revenue you first must provide a product people are willing to pay for and then market the hell out of it - WHY should I even go to Kaohsiung (maybe to watch the streets exploding)??? This follows the same misguided strategy of the Amazon tax to protect the local market… if the local market can’t compete - CHANGE IT to be more competitive thereby attracting buyers - don’t just tax it…protectionism never works in the long run!

Maybe they should take a look at Hainan Island, China (Now known as the Hawaii of Asia) for some enlightenment…


Have you been to this shithole ?

Not that I ever been to Hawaii, but I have a feeling these two places are not comparable.

I don’t think there is any such thing as an amazon tax, what is this ? You sure you are not confusing it with VAT, which all businesses in TW need to collect and you need to pay on imports?



Are you speaking of Kaohsiung or Taiwan or Hainan - Yes, Have you?


Sorry,but I cannot follow your line of thought.

The link you posted is no amazon tax, it concerns customs duties and VAT which applies to all overseas purchases.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, only very few jurisdictions in the world have no import duties or VAT(top of my head, I can only think of HK and Singapore).


So, I’m very curious morran01- you’ve never been to Hawaii, have you ever been to Hainan??