Handcarry alcohol into Taiwan?

I always thought that the maximum of alcohol a traveller is allowed to bring to Taiwan is 1 liter. However, recently I’ve heard that if one declares the maximum amount of 5 liters at the airport, you are allowed to bring in 5 liters. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks for sharing your story with me…

My advice would be to stow excess on the loaded luggage, and bring two bottles of declaration.
That’s what I have always done.
But what do I know?
I am a customs broker, and as such borne to lie and misrepresent.

Be mindful of packing alcohol in carry-ons. Even duty free booze can be confiscated by security at airports you transfer through.

My girlfriend brought two or three bottles of 梅酒 from Japan. She just had to declare them at customs.

OK,when you say she needs to declare it at customs - any forms to fill out or you just open your mouth and tell them? Sorry for being so specific, but I might ask other people to bring it in for me…

Been there, done that and it sucks.

I’ll ask her. Usually, you fill out a customs form on the plane on your way back anyway, so I assume that you mention it there.

Been there, done that and it sucks.[/quote]

Once in Japan for a bottle of good bourbon had to pass through Immigration, get my luggage, insert it, and re check-in. Luckily had enough time.

Yes, I also heard that the customs in Japan is extremely picky … even if its allowed, they still argue that its not save to put inflammable liquor on a plane (which doesn’t make sense, considering all the booze and duty free perfume they have in the galleys, anyway…)

In the meantime one of my friends asked at Taoyuan terminal 2 customs about it. They say, 5 liter is fine, if you declare it. However, it sounded like that they were not really interested in it. They also didn’t really know how much duty one has to pay if its more than 1 liter…

We will have a test-run with more than 1 liter in February - will keep you posted

I don’t think customs cares about anything in Taiwan. I showed up 3 years ago with two 49 lb bags struggling to manage it by myself and they didn’t even X-ray the bags.