Handmade chocolate in Taipei

This market is already somewhat served by amazing places like Henry & Cary in Gongguan, but there’s a new chocolate maker in Taipei! All handmade, all natural ingredients, made fresh with local materials wherever possible. Check it out :slight_smile:

facebook.com/leroi.chocolat (Click on the shop button to get English info)

PS I hope this isn’t viewed as COMPLETE spam since I have made substantial contributions to Forumosa in the past… Just one plug, I promise! :smiley:

Henry & Cary rocks–beloved by students and other Gongguan residents alike!


[quote=“afterspivak”]Henry & Cary rocks–beloved by students and other Gongguan residents alike!

I’m sure they’re worthy critics … everyone in Taiwan knows so much about food that they’ll eat anything famous and line up for hours.

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Ain’t never lined up for H&C! That place is amazing, or was. Never managed to visit post-relocation but I’d be surprised if the quality changed in the slightest.

By local you mean chocolate and cacao butter are from local cacao pods, the store roasts than mills the beans into cacao liquor, adds local ingredients … mango, red bean, other fruit fillings from fresh fruits? Cream used to make ganache comes from local dairy farms?

Responses to dumb posts were sent from my Nexus 7, I hate Apple BTW, with Tapatalk 8

Sadly not yet! We are partnered with a local grower that has cocoa trees growing as we speak but they’re still too young to produce pods. But in 3-4 years… :slight_smile:

The chocolate we are using is Belcolade from Belgium. Our goals for 2014 are to move to fair-trade and organic chocolate, and also start working with local chocolate suppliers like 宏亞. We also plan to import from Haiti, where I have contacts who can help source fair-trade, sustainable chocolate.

Our other ingredients, like coffee beans, citrus peel, ginger, kumquat, etc., are locally grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We buy directly from the growers.

Sources for all ingredients are listed in our Facebook shop :slight_smile:

BP: I understand the snark but allow me to say that in this case you’re responding too quickly. There are in fact some shop keepers here with pride in specific crafts: coffee roasting, chocolate making, etc. The fact that Henry & Cary can take this craft-like approach while keeping the prices affordable for students and other non-millionaires is a bonus. :sunglasses:


The quality has not changed one bit. The only difference I can discern is that they’ve added a quiche shop next door.


神呀, a trip to Gongguan might just be in order!

Three thumbs up for that! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I’m going to have to order some from you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. D!

People might be interested in our Valentine’s special, which contains organic rose petal jelly made from Pingdong roses… :slight_smile:

Facebook Shop: facebook.com/leroi.chocolat … 1458316228 (NOTE: Does NOT work on mobile. Facebook blocks phones from all apps like this.)
Mobile Shop: leroi.ecwid.com/m

though i have not tried it but it is praised by a famous taiwanese gourmand
so i think it may taste great :wink:
its near the Dongmen MRT station
shop website:http://www.truffeone.com.tw/web/Home#

Thanks for the link! I will check out their shop next time I’m in the area.

That said, I don’t like truffles. Too bland. :smiley:

Ditto. Truffles are just soft ganache dusted in cocoa. Too much cream, and rarely any real character.

When wife and I bought a restaurant recently we introduced washing-the-vegetables (a novelty!) and then sold the place again.
Looks like you don’t deal with veggies so you should be fine.

Doesn’t that just wash the flavor off? o_O

Just saw the reply now. Well, well, the cabbage (that’s Kohl in German :wink: is surely a thing to be taken seriously.
Why do I think of chocolate-encrusted veggies now?

I don’t care what you encrust with it, just as long as you buy it from me :stuck_out_tongue: