Handy Mac tip

Got a Mac? Run Safari? use a scroll wheel mouse?

then you may be in for a handy surprise, unless of course you knew this already.

hold the control key down and scroll up to zoom the screen, and back down to unzoom. perfect for viewing webpics in all their glory, or to focus more closely on just what fred is saying again.

even better, you can move around in the zoomed window with the mouse and the scrollwheel.

OK, maybe I’m just slow in the uptake, but i stumbled onto that this evening.

Yeah that’s a good one. I sometimes forget about this feature. I do the same on my MBP and it’s pretty useful.

Just hold control and do the 2 finger zoom on the trackpad.

By the way, I zoomed in real close on your avatar. Dude, that picture is totally fake.



Ooh! I just tried it with the ctrl-trackpad and it works in Firefox too.

Nice little tip. Thanks.

Mac users can pass secret messages to each other now! :slight_smile:

Hey, anyone know of a shortcut to get into a specific folder? I think I saw there is a new app that can do this, but I don’t have Leopard.

It would be nice to just be able to his ctrl + (any key) and open my “downloads” folder.

you can put an alias of your desired folder into the dock. i think just dragging the folder into the dock will automatically make the link for you.

that scroll wheel zoom trick seems to be a new feature from OS X 10.4 onwards. doesn’t work on my OS X 103.9 at work… hard to fathom that once i thought that OSX was so new and shiny, so different, yet now it’s getting old.

Right on. Anyone tried Leopard yet? I’ve read a pretty thorough review , but not sure exactly what to expect. Curious to know if there are any eye-popping features that would prompt me to upgrade.

I’ve got it on the iMac, and Tiger still on the iBook. Leopard’s better. Don’t know if it’s a necessary upgrade at this point, but once some new software starts to appear that requires Leopard, you’ll want it.

Well, I found a fix for the folder problem. I didn’t want to place it on my dock so I just wanted quick access.

Anyone else using Quicksilver? I just downloaded it and it’s wicked fast to launch any application. I disabled my cmd + space hotkey setup for Spotlight in System Preferences and use Quicksilver instead.

Here’s a screencast tutorial as well.

Sorry if this is old news for some of you. Spotlight is so mediocre compared to Quicksilver.

I’m looking for a means to automatically rename a large number of files at once.
Got lots of audio book files to organize, and they can all be “track one”.

edit: Google is my friend: file wrangler