Hanging Files Holder

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy hanging file folders, and the metal frame you use to hang them from, in Taipei? I am talking about the sort of thing you put into a deep desk drawer to hold your files. I’d appreciate any information.

I bought mine in the office supply section of Carrefour or RTMart, I think. Long time ago, though.

Thanks Dragonbones. I’ll try Carrefour today and post here if I’m successful.

Yeah, I think it was Carrefour. The racks came unassembled, with both ABS plastic and steel parts.

BTW, you can get a huge array of office supplies from UBOS – just call 0800-068-886 or email express@ubos.com.tw to ask for a catalog. They do have a variety of hanging file folders, in A4 and B4 sizes, by HFP, Pendaflex and Bantex.