Hanging onto a five-year visa

I currently have a five-year multiple-entry visa, and have been offered a full-time job which includes a resident visa, etc. Does anybody know if it is possible to get the resident visa, and still retain the five-year visa? Or will the issuance of the resident visa cause my five-year visa to be cancelled?
Alternatively, couldn’t I just work for the company but decline the resident visa, and keep on extending my current visa as necessary? Even though I know that I can’t get an ARC without first getting a resident visa, I’m hesitant to forfeit my five-year visa, just in case I only work for the company for a year or two.

How come you have five years multiple entry and I only have 60 days measly single entry and not even bloody extendable ??? :swear:

You can’t have both. The resident visa, although shorter will let you work legally, and if you’re teaching it’s not hard to get a new one if you want to change jobs.


If you have the necessary paperwork to be legal, then be legal. Otherwise keep your 5 year multi.

Most jobs will not let you work illegally if they can get you legal working papers.