Hanging up

Is it just my family, or is it Taiwanese people in general that don’t say, “Bye” before they hang up?

Like, we’ll talk on the phone and then gradually have nothing to say, then they will hang up.

My friend used to do it to me too. And it annoys me!

Just your family, mate. I generally get 3 or 4 haos before they hang up on me. I do see it a lot on American sitcoms on Star WORLD and ETC though, especially Seinfold reruns. I’m sure Americans aren’t really like that though.

My MIL does it… hangs up without saying “bye”. Of course, she never has anything to say, anyway… so I often have difficulty ascertaining when she is finished talking about nothing…

most of my friends do it.

I do telephone tests and usually say goodbye at the end. A non-response or response has just as of now become part of the test as I can score it how I see fit.
It irritates me but then so does a person pushing in or by without three polite words. It’s just an upbringing and maybe cultural issue. Almost everybody is brought up differently with different rules and boundaries.

Most of my younger friends say “bye”, but older people I speak with on the phone usually don’t … at the most they’ll give an “ng” and then hang up.

My wif’es family is like that. They’ll just be talking and hangup.


Know it too…
Sometimes appears to be very unpolite.

But the best thing is two people communication with repeating Wei? Wei? Wei? , just because nobody introduces his/her name on the beginning of a phone call.

Yes! I’ve experienced this as well.

There’s no problem with a loud “wei” to start the call, but oftentimes the conversation does not end with a “zai jian” or “bye-bye” or any other pleasantry to signal the end of the call.

I agree with LBTW, it might be an older generation thing.

Hmm . . . wonder why this part of telephone etiquette was not taught or emphasized?

Hmm . . . wonder why this part of telephone etiquette was not taught or emphasized?[/quote]Seems to me that most of the people with this habit probably learned their communications etiquette before the widespread use of the telephone, and are probably more used to using visual clues to signal when a conversation is over.

This is funny…what I’ve noticed is a lot of “bye-bye’s” and then they keep on talking.

I never am sure when to hangup. It’s like a signal that they might be ready to hang-up but haven’t decided yet.

So here, “bye-bye” just means they might hang-up soon…but not yet.

“Wei! Wei? Who is this?” I’d often be asked this question when I’d answer the phone at my mother’s or my in-laws’. Aren’t you supposed to identify youself first? After all, YOU called us. These people don’t end the phone calls with “Bye” either. Rude.
Answering machines aren’t common nor popular. Most people say they don’t want to talk to a machine. But when they talk to a real person, they don’t seem to mind the manners.

Actually, I’ve a friend in the US who does this all the time. It annoys me to no end – she’ll say “okay, bye” to indicate that she’s done talking, and then hang up without waiting for a response. Turns the phone into a one-way communication channel really… hrmph.

But, she isn’t Taiwanese, so I’m guessing it’s unrelated.