Hangover remedies

After a night of abusing my liver, I always feel guilty about giving it more punishment with a dose of paracetamol. Has anyone tried any traditional Chinese remedies for a hangover and do any of them work?

Coca cola, m & m’s, and two advil (ibuprofen) used to be my hangover remedy…
But now I dunk my head in the pool.
Works wonders.

Chinese medicine typically has long term benefits, not immediate relief. But, you could always try hot water and that awful powdered stuff (wei san) that makes me want to puke.

Btw, monkey, when you’re over 35, and the hangovers just seem to get worse and worse, cut down on the overconsumption, you’re not young anymore.

Take a hefty dose of vitamin B12 + vitamin C before you go out or before you crash, plus plenty of water. This seems to help a lot. Leave 'em beside your bed before you go out.

McDonald’s, baby. It’s never tasted better…
Be careful if you go in in the morning, though, because the smell of cooking eggs may induce vomiting.

There’s also a noodle shop under my building that makes some good hangover remedy (noodle soup).

Salt water (easily made by mixing salt and water).

1-2 cups of that and you’ll minimize dehydration. I think it maked mornings after a bit more bearable.

Getting a car also helps. With the draconic punishment for drunk driving, you’ll never drink more than 1 beer :mrgreen:

Not that I would know anything about this, being a good Christian boy, but I have heard that drinking lots of water before you pass out is good. Also, sports drinks are good for this purpose as they replace electrolites and probably quintillions of free radicals as well.
If you want to give your liver an extended warranty, take B-complex vitamins every day. They are broken down and flushed from the body (exacerbated by alcohol) and supplementing is known to be beneficial to the liver. It also has the interesting side effect of turning your urine bright yellow.

You could always hook yourself up to an IV drip before passing out. I hear that works for alcoholic doctors.

Just choose the right drink: Barcadi Coke caused me to have hangovers, Asbach Coke doesn’t.

Rascal, have you ever seen Asbach here? If so, where? Call me a no-taste philistine, but I FAR prefer cheap ole’ Asbach to any of that fancy schmancy Froggy XO crap.

Drink cleaner alcohol like vodka instead of whisky. Also, try two pieces of bread drenched with honey before you go to bed.

Draught beer in Taiwan can be a killer. some bars don’t clean the pipes that often. Vodka and juice might be a good “clean” drink.

Another good one is to turn your alarm clock off.


1-2 tabs of pain killer before you slump 'n sleep in your own filth.

At wakeup time, nothing beats Dogs Hair.

I used to eat a handful of painkillers as well before getting to bed.

BTW Jeepers, what is dog’s hair?

drink a glass of milk before you go drinking,milk coats the stomach and the enzimes break down what you drink. :wink:

A toasted ham, cheese and panadol sandwich always words for me :?

I think i’ve tried most of them in my time. Except maybe the glass of salty water and (I assume that was taking the piss). I was more interested in finding out what the Chinese wonder-cures for a hangover are … if there are any. Maybe if anyone knows some hard-drinking Taiwanese geezers, they can ask them the answer and post them here.
So Alien, how much does it cost to buy a quart of your pool-water … is it that good? Maybe I use it during my freelance exorcisms on the rare days I don’t have a hangover :laughing:

you actually need to submerge your whole head and body (like a proper baptism) and then slowly bubble up to the surface.
Do this several times until hangover has disappeared.

…washed down with as much Coke as you can keep down.

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