Happy 520 day (I love u day)

What will you do for your friends and celebrate?

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I prefer celebrating 525 day since I’m single atm. :wink:


Nag a little less than usual.


You better change them words in your profile then.

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From the other comments, seems a better holiday for singles to celebrate with their mates


So singles get 2 holidays? 11/11 and 5/25?

Just finish my work then go home.

Yep. Declared as of 20 May 10.55.

It’s now a thing.

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Is this just locally or other places have this too?

Same thing i do every Friday night, delete the matches on dating apps that don’t answer messages

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You’re making me really miss the single life…

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I think Marco was kidding about 5/25.
But it would be a good holiday.

728 couples got married in New Taipei City today. Those poor HHR office workers.

Anyone find it weird that “520” sounds like “我愛你” but if you say a word sounds like another and it has different tones, people will say: No ThAtS tOtTaLlY dIfFeReNt


I read a very good article about it featuring a very handsome foreigner and his beautiful wife :wink:

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Maybe because 0 “ling” sounds a little bit like 你 “li” in Taiwanese. So it’s like 我愛li. Or, maybe the 0 “ling” is supposed to sound like 您 “nin”.

I’m sure I’m not the first to say it, but most Taiwanese people can’t do Chinese tones properly.

You know what this deserves it’s own thread

Good 728 a day is great, maybe more than FEB. 14th or 22/2/22 day. Love related business have a good year with all the special days for love.