Happy Anniversary Fortigurn!

Congratulations, compañero.
All the best to you, and especially to the Missus.
Lord knows it can’t be easy for her, being married 5 years (?) to a sentient program, especially one who refers to her family as “puny humans”.
Not to mention having a mother-in-law who’s an early beta of the EXEC II OS…

YAY! :discodance:

Congrats to the two of you. :bravo:

Hope you are able to celebrate in some special way, and may you have many more happy and healthy years together. :notworthy:

Congrats!!! You are blessed.

Thanks guys. Five years so far, and all but two weeks of them in Taiwan. Not too bad for these uncertain times.

Congrats fortigurn.

Chief, you provide a valuable service. :bravo: Would you mind providing me with yearly reminders, a few days in advance, if I provide you with my anniversary date? Thanks.

Whoooo-Hoooo! Excelent. Beautiful. Blessed.

Let me be the VERY FIRST to congratulate the both of you.

:bravo: Hearty congrats to both of you!

(Now, put down that keyboard and that camera gear, and go spend the day with her!!!)

Shit. Mine’s was May 25. Is it too late to mumble “Happy Anniversary” when I get home tonight, do you think?

Congrats Fortigurn and Mrs Fortigurn.

Thanks everyone. According to Australian statistics, we now have a ‘long term’ marriage. I can remember when a ‘long term marriage’ was over 10 years, but there you go.